8 Failsafe Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Mustard Color

To decorate with mustard color you don't have to paint all the walls of a room, as it would be too much. We tell you how to do it and succeed!
8 Failsafe Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Mustard Color

Last update: 16 September, 2022

Mustard is a warm color that conveys strength and energy, so it can bring these feelings to the room you decide to decorate. You may be afraid to use such a vibrant tone, but we’re here to help you make mustard color part of your decoration without failing in the attempt!

It’s not about covering the walls of your entire house with this color. That would probably be too much. However, how about starting with some accessories? Cushions, vases, blankets, paintings, or any other element that can be a great way to incorporate this color.

If you’re looking to add brightness and spaciousness to a space, mustard color is an option that you shouldn’t miss. No matter what, the important thing is that you know how to combine it. It’s recommended that you do it with lighter tones, such as earthy and neutral tones, for example, as these help to reduce its intensity.

Let’s take a closer look at some other ideas to decorate your home with mustard color. Find out everything you should here!

1. Try a Nordic style

A trend that many of us like is the Nordic style. Here, white should be taken as a base and you can add mustard accessories to add color and decorate.

You can try different shades of white or cream colors; this will make the room feel spacious and light, something that’s particularly ideal for small spaces. Without detracting from the warmth that the mustard color brings, it’s a very pleasing combination to the eye.

Nordic bedroom
You can contrast Nordic white minimalism with a vibrant tone such as mustard to generate a strong visual effect.

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2. Navy blue and mustard

This is a great, eye-catching combination. It can also be softened if you incorporate a third color such as cream or oyster white, for example.

This is also an ideal color mix for children’s rooms. Regardless of their gender, it will look great!

It also gives the place a modern feel. If you prefer, you can give it a more youthful twist, with brown elements and striped designs on curtains, cushions, or sheets.

3. Mustard and lime green

This may sound like a rather daring mix of colors, but we promise that it’s very original and looks good when done correctly. Despite going out of your comfort zone, this color combination tends to be a great, eye-catching hit.

If you go for lighter shades of green, the mustard color will be more vibrant; you can visualize this option with a couple of green cushions and a couple of mustard ones. Or perhaps you can try it out with a sofa blanket in one color and cushions in another. The idea is to create a fresh, casual atmosphere.

4. Try mustard-colored chairs

If you have a project to transform your dining room chairs or a specific armchair, you should take a chance with mustard paint or some fabric in this tone.

The latter would be a more durable proposal, since it’s an easier way to ensure you maintain the original object intact. However, these pieces will be the focal point of any room without a doubt. You will have a cheerful dining room with mustard-colored chairs, and this is very good news if your kitchen is sober.

5. Acquire some utensils and pots and pans

If you’re afraid to make permanent changes to some items in your house, that’s totally okay. You can purchase items in mustard tones.

In specialized stores, you will find pots, utensils, cups, and other utensils in this tone. They highlight the warmth and fun of your kitchen.

6. Pair it with blue doors and walls

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot of blue! But what we haven’t told you is that we’re talking about different types of blue.

Our proposal consists of a turquoise blue for the front door, while a soft sky blue dresses the walls. But wait! The protagonist color is missing:  you should cover a sofa or an armchair in the room with a mustard color.

7. Add some mustard-colored sheets or bedspreads

This is an ideal addition to any rooms painted in white. The mustard color will completely transform the room with just a simple change of sheets and blankets. In no time, you will have a vibrant and elegant room.

a mustard color pillow
Cushions in this tone become especially striking on a blue background.

8. How about a mustard-colored lamp or shelf?

Mustard color doesn’t just look great in textiles; a lamp or shelf in this color will add a lot of style and is hard to miss! There are many people who manage to create personal and tasteful styles using mustard as the dominant color for their decorations.

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Decorating with mustard color may be risky, but it’s very stylish

Making mustard color fit perfectly in a room is not an easy task. If you’re not careful, instead of a success, you can ruin it big time.

However, if you follow our tips and your intuition and have fun with it, you’ll be able to add style to that room you love so much. It’s time to take a risk!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.