The Importance of a Good Sofa at Home

Are you planning to buy a good sofa? Don't skimp on time and budget! In this article, we'll give you the best tips to make the right choice.
The Importance of a Good Sofa at Home

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Having a good sofa at home is one of the best investments you’ll make in your life. It’s a piece of furniture that will allow you to have a comfortable place to share with friends and family, sleep, study, read, eat, and watch a ball game or a movie.

According to the book “Illustrated History of Furniture: From the Earliest to the Present Time“, written by Frederick Litchfield, the oldest sofas that have been found were made of wood and metal by the Assyrians. However, it was the Greeks and Romans who gave splendor to this furniture.

Importance of a sofa at home

The sofa is an essential protagonist in the home because it’s a large piece of furniture that stands out among the rest. It is usually located in a common area, where guests will have constant access. Regardless of its size, it will always attract attention wherever it’s placed.

Sofas provide many functions, which vary according to the lifestyle of each family or person. They’re not limited to being present in the living room; you can also place them in bedrooms, studies, and entertainment rooms as well.

What’s more, you can use them to sit and chat with visitors, play video games, take a nap, read, eat, enjoy the fireplace, watch sports, among other options. You can even transform it into an auxiliary bed.

Today’s interior design isn’t based only on objects that fulfill an aesthetic function; they must be comfortable, useful, and of good quality. Consequently, a good sofa at home should reflect your style and provide comfort to your home.

Discover these functions you might not have considered before:

  • If you frequently have visitors at home and don’t have a guest room, a good sleeper sofa will be a great help.
  • In a TV room, a large and comfortable sofa will be essential to make the most of this space.
  • If you have a baby, an auxiliary sofa in their room will provide you with an ideal space for breastfeeding.
  • If a bedroom’s very large, an auxiliary sofa can bring a lot of styles and be a place where you can lay out clothes or read.

Tips for choosing a good sofa for your home

We’ve already pointed out the importance of having a good sofa due to its usefulness. From choosing the ideal measurements to selecting matching cushions, there are several aspects you need to consider.

Consequently, buying a sofa isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You must evaluate options and choose the one that best suits your style, your budget, and your needs.

A woman taking a nap on the couch, looking uncomfortable.
A sofa’s often the space for sleeping and lounging, so it needs to be comfortable.

Choosing the right size

Believe it or not, many people have bought the sofa of their dreams and then discovered that it doesn’t fit through the door or is too big or too small for the living room. This is why it’s essential to measure the spaces well and compare them with the measurements of the furniture.

Also, keep in mind that the sofa will be accompanied by other elements, such as chairs, armchairs, tables, and lamps. Therefore, you need to take into account the measurements of the accessories.

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Determine what it will be used for

A sofa can have many functions. In this regard, before buying it, it’s best to define what the uses will be.

At the same time, if you have pets and you’re going to allow them to climb on the couch, it should be resistant to scratches, not get dirty easily, and pet hair shouldn’t be very noticeable. If you want your sofa to serve as a guest bed, it’s best to have a sturdy one.

However, if you want a chic and feminine sofa, you can have a delicate one that adds a lot of style to the decor, even if it’s not comfortable to sleep on. If it’s for watching movies with the family, one with padded upholstery will be necessary.

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Choosing the ideal upholstery and colors for a good sofa

The upholstery you choose will depend on the use and style you want to give to this piece of furniture. Here are some of the most common options to have a good sofa at home:

  • Leather: This adapts very well to various types of styles, both classic and modern, industrial, contemporary, British, or bohemian style. It has good durability and is easy to clean.
  • Cotton: This is a cool material that goes very well in warm climates and contributes to a natural style. However, it tends to be more delicate when it comes to care.
  • Chenille: This is a strong, dense fabric that has a velvet-like finish. It’s soft and durable.
  • Microfiber: This is an ideal type of material for furniture that will have high traffic. It can be easily cleaned, resists liquids well, and is almost wrinkle-free.
  • Canvas: This is an economical and resistant type of fabric.
  • Silk: This is luxury upholstery that provides a sophisticated and elegant style. However, it’s the type of fabric that must be cared for the most.

Usually, the color gets all the attention at the time of purchase. However, choosing the design of the legs is also very important. It should match the floor of your home, especially if it’s wood on wood.

Evaluate its comfort and resistance

When you’re going to buy a sofa, don’t be afraid to sit down, lie down, and test its comfort and resistance. The best thing to do is to evaluate the comfort by sitting in different ways. We’ll share some tips on this:

  • Try not to sink too deep when you sit down, as it will be difficult to sit upright.
  • In general, the seat should be firmer than the backrest.
  • Make sure that the legs are attached to the main structure of the sofa, especially if you’re going to use it a lot. If they’re bolted, they tend to loosen with movement.
  • When you lean back, you should feel comfortable and supported. If you feel that the sofa feels awkward, it’s best not to think about fixing it with extra cushions. It should be comfortable enough on its own so that the cushions are accessories.
  • Try the armrests, which should be comfortable and fit at elbow height.
Decorative pillows on a couch.
Cushions are accessories and shouldn’t serve the function of support. That job falls on the sofa itself.

Selecting good padding for a good sofa

There are different types of padding that offer cushioning, softness, or firmer characteristics. While some people prefer soft, sink-in padding for sleeping, others choose firmness for an upright posture. You’ll find memory foam and polyester fillings on the market.

There are also sofas with internal springs, similar to those in mattresses. Although they provide a lot of firmness, if they don’t have a good reinforcement in the foam filling, over time, you may feel the springs.

Be careful with online shopping

Shopping online offers many benefits. However, when purchasing a sofa, it’s best to take certain precautions. When it comes to big purchases, it’s always best to be able to see it and try it in person.

Now that you know the importance of a good sofa at home and the tips for choosing the best option, it’s likely that you’ll feel encouraged to buy one.

First of all, you have to be sure that the measurements, materials, and colors match your reality. In this regard, you should also pay attention to the return and warranty policies. Finally, be sure to read reviews or ratings from other buyers.

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