How to Deliver Christmas Gifts in a Fun Way

It's not only possible to deliver Christmas gifts under the tree. You can also be creative and original with the following tips.
How to Deliver Christmas Gifts in a Fun Way

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 26 December, 2022

As the end of the year approaches, it’s also time for important dates. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations begin to be planned. Where the celebration will take place, what the meals will be and which relatives or friends will come are some typical questions. Along with them, doubts about Christmas gifts often arise.

The penultimate week of the year is characterized by shopping in stores, the assembly of trees, and the organization of the celebration. However, there’s another aspect to take into account, which can increase the satisfaction of giving any gift. It’s the way it’s given. Presenting a gift in a fun and original way is often a more unexpected action than the gift itself. Discover some tips to surprise your guests with Christmas gifts given in a special way here.

Fun ways to give Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts
Look for original ways to surprise your guests.

Giving a present that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face and fill the giver with satisfaction doesn’t necessarily imply a high budget. Sometimes, it’s enough to be original and think of a special gift for the person.

Knowing the tastes, needs, and desires of the person, it’s possible to design a surprise adjusted to their preferences. Such a method can hardly fail.

However, there is something else that enhances the quality of a gift: the way it’s delivered. The Christmas season is an ideal time to put into practice a series of tips that transform common gifts into unforgettable surprises. With a set of craft accessories, creative ideas, and the desire to please that person, it’s possible to opt for the following original gift-giving methods.

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A treasure map

One of the most common ways to surprise another person is by designing a map of the home with the specific spot where the gift is hidden. During Christmas, a card can be placed under the tree to start the game. From there, a fun search for the target begins. If you have a yard, you can even bury the gift underground!

Create a scratch-off

Popular scratch-offs from promotions or games of chance can also be transformed into an original method of delivering presents. There are different online platforms and stores where you can design and order a scratch-off with the hidden message of your choice. You can print the sheet and hang it on the tree.

Build a path to deliver your Christmas gifts in a fun way

Another common way to surprise the person is to create a path that leads to the gift. This task can be undertaken in different styles and if you know the tastes of the recipient, the timing will be even better. During Christmas, the path has to start from where the tree is placed. It’s possible to trace it with the following ideas.

  • Paper airplanes. When the gift is a trip, building paper airplanes to reach the ticket is a very fun idea.
  • With toys. Christmas gifts for children can be at the end of a path of small toys, such as dolls or racing cars.
  • Flowers. A popular path for romantics. Surprising your partner with a trail of roses may be a bit cliche, but it’s sure to bring a smile.
  • Popcorn. Movie buffs can receive their gifts after walking a popcorn trail. Just make sure no one steps on it to make cleanup easier!
  • With arrows. Arrows are a slightly more neutral way to create the trails. It works for all types of gifts and recipients.
  • With candles. These are also linked to romance, as are flowers. However, during Christmas they can take on other meanings.
  • References to series, movies, or your favorite anime. Popcorn is not the only way to entertain a movie buff. If you know their favorite production, make a path to the gift with the characteristic object of the same.

A puzzle

Big gifts, those difficult to wrap, can be delivered in a very special way by creating a puzzle with a personalized message. It’s enough to think of an original way to announce it, design it in a program, and print it on illustration paper. Alternatively, it’s possible to create it manually on cardboard.

The next step is to cut it into equal parts in the shape of a puzzle so that the guest can put it together and discover the surprise. This is an ideal method to give tickets to a destination or concert tickets since the simple, printed paper doesn’t usually generate much of an impact.

Children opening Christmas gifts
Leaving gifts under the tree is usual, but what if you change the tradition?

Riddles that lead to the surprise

Another popular gift delivery is a combination between the map and the path to the surprise. However, in this case, what is placed is a series of clues that lead to the final destination. You can choose to place a riddle on each one so that the person has to decipher what the next location is. By the time they reach the gift, there will have been a whole lot of fun beforehand!

An improbable delivery

What everyone expects from Christmas presents is that they will be at the base of the tree. To change this predictable situation, you can choose to find an unexpected messenger. Leaving the gift to a small child to bring or to a waiter if the party is held in a restaurant is a very original way to present your gifts.

Take it to a special place

There are other alternatives to changing the place of the gifts on the tree. Taking it to a place that the recipient considers as special, generates more surprise and, in addition, that place becomes another great memory!

Use creative wrapping

In the field of crafts and the concept of “do it yourself“, you can create a special box or wrapping to house the gift. This is a very simple method that appeals to creativity and originality to please the recipient from the beginning. You can also apply the techniques of decoupage or DIY to embellish the package.

On the other hand, if the gift has small dimensions, it’s possible to distract by placing it in a very large box filled with other unnecessary objects. The recipient will think it’s a joke and will be disappointed until he/she finds the real present with twice as much emotion!

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Delivering Christmas gifts in a fun way enhances the surprise

With all these tips, any gift, beyond the budget allocated, becomes a special moment. The way a gift is delivered is a gift in itself, which works as a surprise prior to the material gift. This way, there’s no need for expensive gifts to create an unforgettable feeling at Christmas.

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