How to Integrate Geometric Paper into Your Home Decoration

The practicality of decorative paper is its main attraction. With an infinite number of patterns, this alternative for interior decor has designs for all tastes.
How to Integrate Geometric Paper into Your Home Decoration

Last update: 05 December, 2022

Decorative wallpaper has opened spaces to more striking designs than the traditional flowers and monochrome canvases; the trend now contemplates geometric paper to decorate walls in small spaces or large rooms.

Taking advantage of advanced printing techniques, this resource offers an extensive range of patterns that give the illusion of friezed coverings rather than sheets of paper.

The ambiance achieved exempts the use of mirrors, paintings, and other accessories. The sheets are beautiful, innovative, and easy on the wallet. We’ll tell you more about this trend here.

Geometric paper: A resource for multiple alternatives

geometric paper on a wall
Geometric paper can totally change the style of a room.

Geometric paper is also known as “wallpaper”. In all cases, it’s a type of foil printed with various patterns that’s available in any size to paste on smooth surfaces.

Some models have varnished reliefs or a vinyl coating; these are suitable when the wall has defects. The coverings are made to resist humidity and facilitate cleaning.

The colorful or single-tone strokes enliven rooms, making them more cheerful, warm, and original. In addition, they save the investment of repairing walls, since by adhering to the tapestry you camouflage deterioration without resorting to cumbersome labor for plastering and painting.

On the other hand, projects with geometric paper provide the freedom to play with colors and figures that transform the appearance of the home, without possessing a vast knowledge of interior decoration.

Geometric images can be continuous or in separate patterns; their purpose is to enhance or contrast areas.

The advantages of using geometric paper

Apart from the visual impact that geometric papers produce, this aesthetic material provides benefits ranging from the economic to the practical. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

  • It’s easy to clean: Innovations in adhesive surfaces provide washable qualities with a sponge and neutral soap. They recommend it especially in places of the house with continuous traffic such as bathrooms, stairs, or the kitchen, because these places are more likely to get dirty quickly.
  • It reduces expenses: Compared to the outlay for possible repairs and other decorations, hanging paper is an excellent acquisition. Ars Bilduma magazine reports that the method saves money because the wallpapered rooms are preserved for years, unlike what the renovation of the painting demands.
  • It can allow you to play with your spaces: According to the design and colors, geometric prints visually widen or reduce the areas. If you use light tones, the room seems larger. On the contrary, dark tones make the room appear smaller. In addition, warm palettes create a cozy atmosphere. In the same sense, mixing patterns with light colors works to separate areas. And if you want to lengthen or shorten spaces, horizontal and vertical lines are useful, respectively.

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Options to integrate geometric paper into your home decoration

Geometric paper fits in small areas where it’s complicated to put furniture. Also, it adapts to spacious rooms that require a singular touch to differentiate from the rest. With this same intention, wallpapers fit into home decoration through ideas like the ones we will see below.

Modernize your kitchen and dining room

Modern decorations in kitchens and dining rooms find an ally in geometric wallpaper. Thanks to the shapes, you have the opportunity to replace conventional tiles with interesting and fun figures.

Keep in mind the peculiarities of the furniture to choose contrasting patterns. For example, angular pieces match the sphere wallpaper.

Enhance your bedrooms

The main wall of the room is lined with geometry; in fact, you can replace the headboard of the bed with a geometric wallpaper mural.

As for the height of the sheet, it’s all up to you: from the floor to the ceiling or just a section of the wall. However, it is advisable that the width goes beyond the ends of the bed so that it’s framed.

To set the mood in the study or workplace

These areas require a special visual focus. They’re well suited for wallpapers with combined geometries, color disparity, and subtle tones. All alternatives have a place here, since the idea is that whoever uses these areas feels comfortable.

geometric paper
By using your creativity, you can highlight just one sector of a room with wallpaper.

Highlight your floors

Geometric shapes help to highlight wood or neutral-colored floors. In particular, triangles and circles make up a modern style that emphasizes the characteristics of the upholstery and the elegance of the wood floor.

Create furniture backdrops

Bookcases, shelves, and corner units are some pieces of furniture that, depending on their design, allow you to paste geometric paper as a background. This decision completely changes their appearance, especially when it comes to restored objects.

To keep the essence of the furniture, pay attention to its characteristics and, based on them, select the paper that best pairs with them.

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Considerations when choosing wallpaper for interior design

The choice of wallpaper involves certain considerations. First, make sure inquire about the material and finish. Apart from influencing prices, it’s relevant information to know if it resists humidity, if it’s washable, and if it’s odor-resistant.

Vinyl is one of the preferred styles because of its durability and because it has a protective layer that polishes it.

Secondly, ask about the adhesion system. There are papers that have an adhesive layer on the back and others require that you first glue the wall.

Finally, before going to the store, make sure to measure the space to be upholstered carefully so you will take home the necessary meters. It’s important to ask the sales consultant about the length of the paper and compare it with your measurements, so that the calculations match and the design fits what you’re looking for.

Decorative paper and the environment

The production of paper has an impact on the environment, so it has become common to promote responsible consumption. In this regard, the Biodiversity Notebooks urge to take into account the origin of the cellulose fiber and the bleaching and manufacturing processes.

Bearing this in mind, you can opt for geometric papers made without artificial inks or conventional stickers; instead, opt for those whose raw materials and printing are completely ecological.

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