Decorating Your Home in Autumn: What to Keep in Mind

Modifying the look of the room to welcome the autumn cold is possible with a few simple decor tips focused on textures and colors. Discover the fabrics, shades and accessories most used in autumn.
Decorating Your Home in Autumn: What to Keep in Mind

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 01 December, 2022

Autumn may be known for nostalgia, fallen leaves, and the arrival of cold weather. However, this doesn’t have to overshadow the style of the home. In fact, it’s possible to try to decorate your home in autumn with a renovation that prioritizes warm colors, warm fabrics, and the calming presence of nature.

Believe it or not, there’s a whole range of colors, textures, lamps, and decorations that go perfectly with the autumnal era. Say goodbye to the summer heat and begin to welcome the arrival of the cold season with elegant changes to your spaces. It’s very possible to adopt an attractive decorative style that pays attention to the warmth of the interiors without too great an expense and with just a few basic adjustments.

The keys for decorating your home in autumn

The cold, rainy, and nostalgic months of autumn are here. It’s a time to reduce outdoor moments and return to the coziness of the home. Such actions can be reflected in the decoration of your spaces, especially the living room and bedroom. It’s common to spend more time indoors once temperatures drop and sunset comes earlier.

For this reason, welcoming autumn with a decor that goes with it can increase the pleasure of being indoors. In general, terraces, patios, and balconies lose prominence and the focus shifts to the foyer and living room. Laying out warm fabrics, upholstering in warm colors, and dusting off heating appliances are just some of the actions for fall home decorating.

Tips to keep in mind when decorating your home in autumn

decorating your home in autumn feng shui
In autumn, it’s important that you place large coat racks in the foyer to hold coats.

With some simple and inexpensive arrangements, you can renovate some key areas of the home that are the most used with the arrival of cold weather. A central aspect to take into account is that it starts to get dark earlier. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate new points of light that keep the living room and bedroom illuminated for longer.

Taking advantage of the large windows by moving the sofas or placing new tables with desk lamps are some possible alternatives. Curtains play a fundamental role in this aspect. Textures and fabrics suitable for this time of year will be discussed later.

Prepare the foyer for the new needs

When summer says goodbye, so does the heat, so you should prepare the reception area for the return of coats. Inserting coat racks and umbrella stands or tubes to hold umbrellas will make guests feel comfortable as they enter. In many parts of the world, fall is also associated with increased rainfall. Having an ideal space to leave the umbrella when you arrive is definitely a plus.

Decorating your home in autumn with fall colors

One of the most important aspects when establishing a decorative style is the choice of a color palette. In the case of autumn, neutral tones are often best, as these colors are more muted in nature than in the summer. Gray, white, or mustard are great options, although brighter tones can also be included depending on the sector of the home and the object.

  • Walls: In general, your walls can be kept in the neutral range of white, beige, and gray. Some designers include a dark, muted green.
  • Furnishings: It’s common for sofas to have gray and beige as the predominant color. In these cases, the combination with cushions in brown ranges is very successful. Dark red also works.
  • Accessories: Other accessories in the living room, such as blankets, rugs, or tablecloths, can include gray tones to keep the environment in line with autumn.
  • Variations: If bold colors are a must for the eye, then reds, golds, and mustards can be included. These options can be featured in throw pillows and other accessories, as they blend perfectly with neutral colors.

Plants for fall home decor

Fall can be a great season to include new species. For example, heather or sunflowers combine well with this cold season. As for pots and baskets, wicker and other natural materials are recommended choices. Keep in mind the placement of the pots, as your plants will need good natural light and be away from direct heat sources.

decorating your home in autumn
Plants can give a touch of color to your home during the fall.


If there’s the possibility of renewing the upholstery of your chairs, armchairs, or cushions, plaid fabrics are ideal for the cold season. Blue or dark green tones blend well with neutral walls.

Decorating your home in autumn: Materials

Fabrics for accessories are a central aspect, both for decorative combination and functionality. In autumn, blizzards, low temperatures, and rains often arrive.

Therefore, warm blankets made of cotton, wool, or velvet should be available near the sofa. After all, there’s nothing better than watching a movie in the comfort of the couch with heating and a blanket on top! On the other hand, the presence of wood is important for its color and natural origin.


Another main detail for home decorating in autumn is the arrangement of lights. Accompanying neutral details with the right lighting creates the ideal atmosphere for the season that says goodbye to summer. Many specialists insist on including candles, which can be done with natural wax specimens or floating ones.

As for containers, glass jars are always a good choice. However, if you have the space, placing LED lanterns will add brightness, naturalness, and elegance to the environment. To not completely neglect the patio, branches of yellow lights add color to walls, columns, and windows.


It’s time to put away the fans and dust off the heaters. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to perform proper maintenance before starting to use fireplaces, stoves, or electric heaters. You can take advantage of the arrival of autumn to stock up on firewood and completely clean electronics.

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Wallpapers, curtains, rugs, and other details for fall home decor

Apart from structural issues, you can also achieve autumn decor through specific details in the room. Some specialists choose to include wallpaper on the walls to incorporate fall landscape details. Empty forests, dark fruits, and peeled branches are some suitable options.

On the other hand, your curtains can also be replaced by thicker pieces with less porous and stronger fabrics. It’s also possible to combine them with double curtains. As for the carpets, cotton ones are the main protagonists at this time of the year. You can opt for neutral, orange, or reddish colors, including brown and beige.

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