The Benefits of Candles and Their Uses

Candles are a lovely, everyday decor for our home. There are many benefits of candles, from their wonderful aromas to the ability to decorate any area.
The Benefits of Candles and Their Uses

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are many benefits of candles. Candles are a lovely, everyday decor for our homes. They give off wonderful aromas and brighten and decorate the home. Candles fit perfectly for special occasions, especially romantic candle lighting.

The glow from candles are keys for decoration, and they help create certain moods. Candlelight creates intimate and delicate ambiances that help us relax. Plus, you can use them anywhere: the living room, your kitchen, a bathtub, as a centerpiece, or on any shelf.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of candles and how to use them in your home.

The Types of Candles and How to Use Them

There are an infinite amount of reasons to take advantage of the benefits of candles and decorate your home with them. Lighting plays a key part in decor, and when used properly, it can create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

A candelabrum, or candle tree

Thanks to candelabrum, or a candle tree, you can add something special to a certain space. By making a small investment and using a little creativity, you can make one for yourself and change a room completely.

Using re-purposed material as decor

benefits of candles

You can re-purpose objects that you have laying around to create a lovely decoration piece, adding on to the the light that candles offer us. It’ll give them a beautiful touch.

  • A simple idea is using glass jars. You can fill them with sand, shells, cork or even combine different-sized jars to create a centerpiece for a table.
  • Or, you can take a bunch of candlesticks and tie them together.
  • Another idea is using glasses or jars and flipping them upside-down, as shown in the picture above.

Wire or rope candles

Use glass cups and add some wire or string around the neck for making candle-holders. You can hang them anywhere; they look perfect in a garden.

Tea candles

benefits of candles

These candles normally come in an aluminum cup. They usually last about four hours and we suggest using several at at time because they’re small and don’t provide much light.

Long candlesticks

These candlesticks are used in candelabrums and are also great for vintage decor. All you need to do is place them in glass jars. You can decorate these with wood and twine for a special touch.

Floating candles

benefits of candles

Floating candles are similar to tea candles. You can put place them in water and they float, while glowing. They’re the perfect idea for centerpieces or romantic moments.

Wide candles

Wide candles are normally placed in a bowl, but are also perfect for jars filled with sand or stones. Collect some stones or shells from the river and beach as well as some sand and fill the jar for a unique touch.

Scented candles

benefits of candles

Aromatic or scented candles release a lovely fragrance. Some might have floral tones while others feature vanilla, berries or cinnamon, among other scents.Overall, these candles are perfect for relaxing your senses and inviting in tranquility and rest.

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The Benefits of Candles in Feng Shui

benefits of candles

People have used candles to represent the light that brings balance and warmth to the soul. In Feng Shui, practitioners believe that candles provided vitalizing energy for the body and soul. In the same way, they help eliminate negativity that can harm a home.

This depends on where you place them:

Candle placement

  • South: Brings success, fame and reduces anguish and anxiety.
  • East: Builds harmony and creates curative energy for sicknesses.
  • North: Brings good energy and helps you professionally.
  • West: Brings travels and creativity.

Feng Shui and candle colors

You should be familiar with the colors in Feng Shui, because each one has its own vibe.

  • Red: Represents fire and vital force. You can use it when you feel down or feel stuck in a bad love streak.
  • Blue: Represents the mind and knowledge. Use this color when you need tranquility.
  • White: Brings purity and perfection and eliminates bad vibes.
  • Black: Symbolizes the unknown and mysterious. It absorbs negativity and a person’s bad vibes.
  • Yellow: Represents the sun, optimism and intelligence. It improves concentration and stimulates the mind.
  • Green: Symbolizes nature, hope and serenity. Use this color when you want to start new paths and end others.

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