How to Make Aromatic Candles From Fruit Rinds

· November 9, 2014

The use of aromatic candles has a long history and a strong tradition that has been carried to the present times, not only as decoration for our homes and those most intimate places we go to relax, but also extending to the field of natural medicine, thanks to the use of essential oils and their healthy properties.

Candles have long since been used as an indispensible form of illumination, as far back as the fourteenth century.  They were made from animal fats and had an unpleasant odor, but with the arrival of electric light, candles came to be used more for decoration in intimate spaces of relaxation, introspection, partially seen as a  flickering light immersed in a small pool of melted was.  Later, they began to mix in essential oils that help relax, which, due to their aromas, achieve a sedative and healthy effect, capable of alleviating even migraines or headaches.

Candles and Aromatherapy

The use of smells as agents of rest is something that has always carried a lot of weight in the field of natural medicine.  Aromatherapy relies on the sense of smell to produce certain sensations in the body, thanks to essential oils extracted from plants and fruits, roots, stalks, leaves, etc. of natural elements, which are capable of alleviating stress, anxiety, give us certain sensations thanks to those perfumes mixed in with the wax and the soft smoke we inhale with our noses.

We highlight in the following the properties associated with certain essential oils that we can always find in establishments devoted to natural beauty, whether they be herbalists or drugstores.

  • Lavender:  Is relaxing, alleviates anxiety and stress.
  • Cinnamon:  Is associated with mental stimulation.
  • Apple:  It is said to alleviate the effects of a terrible migraine.
  • Jasmine:  Relaxing and sedating.
  • Gardenia:  Offers us tranquility.
  • Coconut:  Sweetens the air.rind-candle2
  • Eucalyptus:  Disinfects the air and helps us improve our concentration.
  • Vanilla:  Is antidepressing and calming.
  • Lemon:  Relieves anxiety and dizziness.
  • Cinnamon:  Alleviates nervous fatigue.
  • Orange:  Has sedative properties.
  • Rose:  Helps with insomnia, headaches, and reduce stress.rind-candle3
  • Thyme:  Ideal for mental tiredness.
  • Cedar:  Improves mood and optimism.  It is relaxing and creates an agreeable atmosphere in a room

How To Make Aromatic Candles From Fruit Rinds

What Do We Need?

  • Refined wax or paraffin, the quantity will depend on how many candles we want to make or their volume.
  • Essential essences:  Here, just like we have indicated above, you will choose whichever you need most or the one most that fits your personal taste, citruses, something sweeter like rose or the garden…the majority of them are relaxants and easy to find in any natural store.
  • A mold.
  • A pan for melting the paraffin.
  • A clamping bar.
  • A wick (the wick is the small fuse-like string in the center of candles that can be lit, made from lightly braided cotton string.)  It is also easy to find.


We will begin by melting the paraffin in the pot in a water bath, stirring with a spatula.  Heat the wax until it melts.  The best idea is to melt it over a water bath and stir it.  Once the wax is liquid, you may add the essence that you have chosen, but remember, do so only once the wax has cooled a little, because if you do not, once the essence is warm, it evaporates quickly.
Next, bring the mixture to the mold, which can be round, square…think about what the final shape the candle will be.  The mold and the wick should be greased with some kind of kitchen oil.
To affix the wick in the center of the candle, you have to tie one end of the cotton wick to the clamping bar that has already been mentioned, and it should be in the center.  Insert it so it is easier to later insert the wick, which is the cord we will burn to light the candle.
Then you will have to wait five hours while the essential oil, paraffin, and the wick will be setting into the proper consistency, and they need enough time to set well.
To remove it from the mold, turn the mold upside down so the candle can be removed more easily.
If we see that the candle has some sort of flaw, such as lines or air bubbles, you can soak a cloth in alcohol and gently rub the candle until it is smoother and more uniform.
With this process, you will be able to verify how easy it is to make your own perfumed and relaxing candles, by simply finding which essence you like most and where in the house you can best relax.  These candles also make a great gift, and you can make them in creative forms and decorate them with colored paper or dried flowers.

Optional:  Candle in an Orange Peel Moldrind-candle1

If for any reason we want to set aside the traditional molds, we can use a completely natural alternative by means of a tangerine or an orange.

What Do We Need?

  • Mandarin or an orange.  Preferrably a mandarin for its ease of extraction.
  • Candles
  • Spoon
  • Olive oil
  • Knife


The first thing we will have to do is to place the mandarin on a flat surface  and make a light and thin cut around the peel.  We then carefully insert a spoon, avoiding breaking the fruit part.  (Image below).rind-candle5

We will continue to lightly slide the spoon inside the peel and then remove the fruit with extreme care.
Take the fruit and save it for a later use.  Make sure to not break the peel.rind-candle6

Put the preparation for the candle in the peel and let sit.  For the preparation, simply follow the steps mentioned earlier in this post, simply replacing the traditional mold for the peel.

Photography courtesy of ManualidadesBlog