How to Decorate a TV Wall

If you've ever thought about giving a special touch to the area where you watch TV, we've got the best tips for your. The design in these rooms is important to connect with relaxation and entertainment.
How to Decorate a TV Wall

Last update: 17 September, 2022

The way you arrange your furniture, the tones chosen for your decor, and the overall design concept of any space all influence how you behave. It’s always advisable to take these aspects into account, even if the space to be embellished is small. For example, it’s still important to pay careful attention to decor even when decorating your TV wall.

This may seem like a simple task, but achieving a pleasant space has an entire science behind it. If you want a beautiful and comfortable living room, make sure to carefully analyze where you will place the TV and how to organize the surroundings so that it’s not just an artifact occupying a place.

This is where environmental psychology and interior design come into play. According to an article from the University of the Americas and the Caribbean, lighting, proportions and acoustics are some elements that interact with the person through their senses.

What to keep in mind prior to decorating the TV wall

In your mission of arranging the wall that serves as a background for the TV, you need to attend to details such as light. Arrange dim lamps or sconces at a distance and make sure that they don’t produce reflections. This suggestion is basic; at night, having bright lights near the TV can be very distracting and can even damage your eyes.

It’s also important that there are no windows in front of the device or – if there are – that you use opaque curtains so the flashes do not reach the screen. If the TV is far from sunlight, so much the better.

As for the wiring, try not to show it, as it spoils the look of a space. Hide it in cord gutters.

Other fundamental points before moving on to the wall decoration are the following:

  1. Screen size: According to the dimension, make sure to place it proportional to the wall.
  2. Height: Set a focal point that positions the screen at eye level when you sit down. This factor is unavoidable, even if the TV hangs on the wall or rests on a piece of furniture.
  3. Viewing distance: A distance of ½ meter to 2 meters is best between the device and the viewer. This length is respectful of both perspective and visual health. Now, if the device is very large, you should increase the distance.
Decorate the TV wall
The distance of the viewers to the device is key to taking care of their visual health.

The best tips to decorate the TV wall

There are multiple alternatives to decorating the back wall for the TV. You can put the device on a piece of furniture, adapt it to an extendable arm or have a fixed system.

In any case, customizing the area will make the device integrate into the environment, and the space will look tidy. Take note of the following ideas to embellish this area.

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Opt for simplicity

The minimalist style suggests using a light wood cabinet with few elements on the sides. The wall demands neutral tones and no loose wires.

Try different accessories

Bronze balls, plants, and figurines are tasteful accessories. According to the aesthetic line of your home, evaluate whether to paint the wall in one tone or combine them with the ornaments. Other accessories, such as mirrors and pictures, can also transform the look of the wall.

Border with stones or bricks

Scaglia stones are an elegant covering for the TV wall. Consult catalogs with suppliers to find the coloration you prefer. Around the cobblestone, add highlights.

Similarly, bricks make an eye-catching facade. If you choose this alternative, incorporate a plain, light table.

Hanging small pictures on the blocks gives a homey feel.

Play with colors

Color influences human beings and has meanings that transcend their appearance. So says a text from the School of Art of Vic.

Experts say that the ranges exert psychological and physiological effects, causing important impressions and sensations. Study the possibilities of painting the wall of the TV, taking advantage of the information that we expose next:

  • Dark tones: Dark wood or strong paints stand out on their own. However, it’s advisable to place accessories in other colors because the background won’t overload the view.
  • Whites: They convey delicacy. In addition, this color contrasts with any other color. However, if it’s to your taste, use all the decorative elements of the furniture in this same palette.
  • Other tones: Decorating both the furniture and the wall in well-combined colorful tones transfer joy. It’s key not to overload the space so as not to be shocking.
  • Grays: Gray is an ideal tone for the wall and for the floor of the entertainment room. Try golds or metallics on the appliance bureau if you want to add another pigment.

Frame the set

This solution is traditional. It fits the TV in a frame with a simple profile and interesting color. This is a favorable option for wall-mounted fixtures.

 minimalist TV Wall
Minimalism is always a good option to make your TV the focal point.

Stand out with vinyl stickers

Vinyl is all the rage. It’s an inexpensive, versatile adhesive that livens up the look of the wall behind the TV.

Best of all, you can customize the design. Stick it around or to a corner of the wall.

Bring elegance with wood and metal

Putting wood and metal together completely revamps any dull wall. The decorative elements made with these materials fit in with all styles without minimizing their prominence.

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Should you decorate the TV wall or camouflage the device inside a modern piece of furniture?

There’s an extra resource to decorate the TV room, and that’s to place the device in or on a nice piece of furniture. As long as it’s in good taste, this utensil is recommended since it already decorates the area by itself, especially if it’s small.

Also, you can find furniture in which you “hide” the TV; simply slide the doors only when you want to enjoy the screen. These shelves are among the most sought-after to camouflage the device while you’re not using it.

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