Is it healthy to eat fruit before breakfast?

· December 5, 2014

There are a lot of different beliefs regarding fruit consumption before breakfast.  While some people think it’s not good for you, others think that consuming fruit on an empty stomach everyday is highly beneficial for your health.

What’s better?

Without any doubt, fruit is a perfect food for starting the day because it doesn’t require a lot of energy to be processed by the digestive tract.  It also offers different benefits for functioning throughout the day.  Fruits are also considered to be the only foods capable of making the brain operate more quickly, offering balance with the other parts of the body.

Fruits also provide the most important elements for good system functioning.  Fructose is the largest content of fruit apart from water, which generally accounts for 95%.

How should I eat fruit?

Many people do not know how to properly eat fruit to get the most out of its benefits. The best time to eat fruit is before breakfast or on an empty stomach.

Why should I consume fruit before breakfast or on an empty stomach?

Fruit cancer

This is a truly effective method of consuming fruit because at the start of digestion, fruits are not digested in the stomach, but rather, in the small intestine.  Fruit quickly passes through the stomach and then continues to the intestines.  This is where their sugars are released.

So if you were to combine starches, potatoes, or meat with fruit, they wouldn’t arrive at the intestines, which is where they perform best.  Instead, they would begin to ferment.

What happens when eating fruit makes me feel ill?

If you eat fruit and have an unpleasant taste in your mouth afterwards, or you feel uncomfortable or heavy in your stomach, it’s most likely because you did not eat the fruit properly and your stomach was not empty. If this is not the case, you should ask your doctor for further advice.

Other contexts…

We recommend avoiding bottled juice before breakfast (processed or store bought) or canned juice or juice that comes in glass jars, as it has been heated during its production process, turning the original juice structure acidic and containing preservatives.

Speaking of benefits

Pear heartEating fruit in the morning not only makes your diet less heavy, but it also provides well known natural properties, like:

  • Helps protect against heart disease.
  • Strengthens capillaries, especially weak veins, which are constantly provoking heart attacks or internal bleeding.
  • With their bioflavonoid content, they prevent blood from thickening and blocking arteries.

How to make a fruit diet effective

If you’re used to getting out of bed and eating a lot of food for breakfast, all the while never giving up your bread with butter and coffee, you are definitely starting the day poorly.  You are filling your stomach with elements that will take the entire day to digest.  That’s why what you should do is think about foods that are easily absorbed and that clean your body, like fruit.

If possible, try to eat only fresh fruits and juices once you wake up, or until mid-day.  The longer you do this, the more opportunity you are giving your body to cleanse itself more quickly.

Other recommendations

Cleansing juicesIf you are going to consume fruits or juices, try to always make sure that they are not very cold or icy.  This solidifies the components and slows digestion.  After meals, you could start including a warm tea, or if you prefer, a little bit of warm water.  What these items do, with their temperature, is soften fats so they can be more quickly eliminated, while facilitating digestion.

*NOTE: Don’s forget to eat very fresh fruit, take care of yourself and enjoy it.