7 Fabulous Health Benefits of Tomatillos

11 January, 2019
Green tomatillo is a traditional ingredient in the Mexican kitchen that, despite its small size, provides us with a large amount of beneficial nutrients for our health

Tomatillos are part of the Solanaceae family, that which is also made up of eggplant, potato, tomato and chiles.

The plant is originally from Mexico, where it is known as the green tomato.

It is a shrub and grows to an approximate height of one meter. Also, they produce flowers and fruits that only last until frozen temperatures arrive.

They are a round fruit that measures 1 or 2 inches around (between 2.5 and 5 cm), the fruit grows inside of thin leaves that look like paper.

When they are ripe, they have a smooth, sticky appearance, with a yellowish- green tone.

Properties of tomatillos

Among their main characteristics are:

  • Richness in antioxidants
  • High amount of vitamin C
  • High amount of phosphorus
  • Has calcium, salts, minerals and iron
  • Anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Source of dietetic fiber, in addition to containing vitamins (niacin) and minerals (potassium and magnesium)

We will continue by explaining its benefits more specifically.

Improves digestion

Like the majority of vegetables, tomatillos provide a high level of dietetic fiber.

This supports the functions of the digestive system and allows the body to assimilate fats a lot better.

So, it improves the intestinal tract and eliminates constipation, gasses and abdominal distention.

All of that without even mentioning that fiber regulates the release of carbohydrates in the blood stream. This helps to lower blood sugar levels. 

This is particularly useful for those people who suffer from diabetes and need to control their glucose.

Prevents cancer

Tomatillos contain phytochemical antioxidants like ixocarpalacton A that has been studied for its antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic functions.

The antioxidants, for their part, fight the effects of free radicals.

Among all of that, they provide vitamins A, C and flavonoids that help in terms of pulmonary or oral cancer.

Strengthen your immune system

As we already mentioned, tomatillos have a high amount of vitamin C that helps to stimulate the immune system.

It accelerates red blood cell production, which is the body’s principle defense for protecting against foreign agents and pathogens.

Also, it increases collagen secretion, this is in charge of keeping your skin, cells and tissues that cover the organs and blood vessels in good shape. Because of that there is also improved metabolic function.

Improves vision

Its content of vitamins and amount of beta- keratins, which is also a derivative of vitamin A, functions as an antioxidant.

So, you avoid muscle degeneration, the appearance of cataracts and reduce the symptoms of any eye diseases.

Accelerates weight loss

Do you want to lose weight? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on having tomatillos in your kitchen.

In addition to providing nutrients and fiber, it is also low in calories and contains little fat. It also works to eliminate bad fats and creates a satiating effect. 

And, the tomatidine is in charge of making the muscles develop stronger, more toned and without fat.

Increases energy

Thanks to its niacin contents, tomatillos helps us to break down foods and complex molecules into energy reserves.

Also, by eating tomatillos during the enzyme process, niacin has a stronger impulse than normal. Therefore, tomatillos give the body more energy.

Cardiac health

Among the tomatillo’s components is potassium. First off, it has similar characteristics to sodium when it comes to the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, potassium is a vasodilator. So, it is in charge of:

  • Relaxing the blood vessels
  • Promoting circulation
  • Reducing tension
  • Improving oxygenation in the body

If we add its potent fiber content to these functions, then bad cholesterol levels will decrease. By doing that, we will avoid the appearance of diseases like arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

Don’t throw away the skin!

The skin of the tomatillo has been used for medicinal remedies like teas for ages. And, among its benefits are:

  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Fights balding
  • Reduces ear aches
  • Alleviates stomach pain
  • Is effective for respiratory problems
  • Decreases blood pressure

So, are you ready to eat tomatillos?

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