7 Habits of People Who Appear Younger than Their Age

Beauty creams and plastic surgery aren't everything. Here are a few tips to help you appear younger than you are.
7 Habits of People Who Appear Younger than Their Age
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Our society is obsessed with appearance, so looking young is often very important. There are millions of wrinkle creams and thousands of cosmetic surgeons that promise to make you appear younger than your age.

While you may put all your hope in these wonderful products, a lot of times they don’t live up to their claims. Surgeries, on the other hand, can become a game of Russian roulette. You might pay an even bigger price later on.

So is there anything you can do to appear younger than you actually are?

The answer is yes, but you might not expect our tips on this.

1. Aging with grace makes you appear younger

An elderly couple sitting in the park.
There’s nothing worse than seeing someone who’s desperately trying to look like a teenager (while everyone else recognizes their real age). If you’re trying to appear younger, the secret is in looking your age.

Dressing like a teenager and wearing a lot of makeup will only have the opposite effect of what you desire, making you look much older than you really are.

Accept the fact that age isn’t everything; instead, age with grace and love yourself. This will make you look younger without even trying.

When you adopt a positive attitude about aging and live all stages of your life fully, you’ll look younger than those who’re fight the effects of aging.

2. Add flavor to your diet

Looking younger doesn’t just involve your physical appearance. Keeping your mind young and alert is perhaps even more important.

A group of researchers in Singapore found that people who eat curry often have better cognitive function than those who don’t.

Your brain’s cognitive abilities are an important aspect of your ability to appear younger. Just as your body reflects your age, your way of thinking and reasoning also shows youth.

An interesting, balanced diet feeds your brain with what it needs to stay active and agile for much longer. It’s not just about nourishing your body – it’s also about nourishing your mind.

3. Accept life as it is

People who look younger than they are usually have the ability to catch any curve ball that life throws at them.

No one has a perfect life, but if you learn to adapt well to your circumstances, you’ll start the fight against wrinkles in the right way.

You do this when you understand that the eventualities of life don’t define who you are. Nothing can change who you are. Life is always changing because nothing lasts forever.

You shouldn’t worry too much about the small things. Sometimes, dealing with big problems with humor is the best solution.

4. Sing!

A group of people singing into a microphone.
You don’t need an angelic voice to sing, but singing melodies may have benefits over keeping your mouth shut. We’re pretty sure you don’t know why singing might keep you young, so we’ll explain.

Scientists have put forth various theories, but the most accepted one so far is that singing promotes improvements in your breathing and social skills.

Looking younger than your age comes as a side effect.

So why not find a karaoke bar nearby and go sing with your friends?

5. Spend quality time with your pet

Animals often give us unconditional love, and it’s hard not to fall in love with them. When you spend time with an animal that adores you and wants to play with you, the emotional perspective through which you see life also improves.

The simple act of walking your dog or playing with the cat can improve your physical condition, increase your social activity, and give you a sense of well being that drives you forward.

All of these factors play a fundamental role in how others see you.

6. Sleep

Getting enough sleep can help you appear younger.
People who look younger than their age know that sleep is very important for the body and brain. Sleep experts have found that it’s not necessary to sleep more or less as you get older.

You will always need to sleep as much as you can, while clearly not overdoing it. You should get seven or eight hours of sleep a day with a 15 to 20 minute rest in the afternoon, which should be enough to preserve your youth.

7. Practice a religion

Many studies have shown that the act of praying, going to a place of worship, and having a faith adds a couple of years to your life. This is because things like bitterness, resentment, and a lack of forgiveness can age you in certain ways.

When you hold on to these bad feelings, you also open the door for various diseases. People who open their hearts live longer and lead more fulfilling lives.
Faith helps you release tension and worries. This allows practitioners to look younger than they really are.

No matter what religion or beliefs you adopt, it’s about encouraging yourself to generate feelings of kindness and love so that you love a calmer, fuller, and happier life.

This will also make you a more attractive person to others.

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