Foods that Can’t be Combined with Soda

· January 30, 2017
Although it's possible it doesn't feel uncomfortable, consuming soda with certain foods can cause indigestion and internal imbalances that can be dangerous.

Surely you have heard that soda (especially Coca Cola) is not good for your health. However, many people love and continue to consume them despite these warnings.

In this article, we include another reason not to drink so many soft drinks, as we talk about the foods that you shouldn’t consume with them.

Which foods can’t I consume with soda?

We consume food that when combined with another item could be toxic or harmful to the body without realizing it.

We may think that there’s nothing wrong with accompanying a heavy dinner or lunch with a glass of soda, but there are some combinations of ingredients that have detrimental effects.

Pay close attention to the foods you shouldn’t consume with soft drinks:


Remedio de leche fría

Who would think of drinking milk with soda? We’re of course not talking about putting both drinks in the same glass or use them as a drink at the same time. But there are sweet and savory recipes that contain milk.

For example, there are some pastries and cakes that contain cream. When these foods reach the stomach the combination of soda and milk produces a lot of acidity that will result in stomach cramps, acid reflux or indigestion.


Again, we don’t believe that there are people who put soft drinks like Coke in their coffee. However, we do think that people can drink the first beverage during their main meal and the second one when they have dessert.

Both have high doses of caffeine and it’s therefore not recommended to drink soda at dinner time because this will cause insomnia, nightmares or problems in falling asleep.

Moreover, when both these drinks reach the stomach, this combination will produce a kind of bubbling foam that’s very acidic. Therefore, you will feel alert and euphoric, as well as experience stomach cramps, which are the result of indigestion.

Sweet pastries

Pan dulce

At parties, some people usually eat sweet pastries. If we add the amount of sugar in the soft drinks to this type of food, then the result is a dangerous increase in blood glucose levels.

It can even increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

You will also be alert because of the amount of sugar in your body. Therefore, don’t combine sweet pastries with soda so that you enjoy it at Christmas or at parties.

Spicy foods

Spicy ingredients or spices such as chili, cumin or curry add flavor to your meals, but when they reach your body, they automatically raise our temperature (so we may want to drink right away).

Think twice before choosing soda as your drink.

Soft drinks are converted into sulfuric acid at high temperatures. So, if we think that drinking a glass of soda will quench our thirst or reduce the heat in our stomach, then we’re wrong.

Instead, what you will get will be an increase in the number of acids in your stomach.


Caramelos de menta

Try this test out. Put a mint in a glass and then pour in some soda cola and then wait for the reaction. You’ll see that there’s a kind of explosion! This is due to the effervescent power in the mints and the bubbles in the drink.

Imagine then what happens inside our body when we consume both at the same time. You shouldn’t even try it since the pain will be unbearable and the internal reaction could be dangerous.

What happens in our body when drinking soda?

This drink is not good for our health whether we mix it with something else or not. There are those who claim that it can be used for everything but consumption. What happens to our body when we drink it?

After 10 minutes

A glass of soda has 10 tablespoons of sugar. Yes, you read that right. This creates a kind of blow to the body.

Let’s not get confused. Coke doesn’t give us energy or allow us to be alert, but it unbalances our blood sugar and can be dangerous.

After 20 minutes

Insulin levels in the bloodstream “soar” and the liver has to work hard to transform the sugar it receives. The downside is that it turns this sugar into fat.

After 40 minutes

Tras 40 minutos

Caffeine begins to take effect in the body: the pupils dilate and blood pressure increases. We don’t feel tired and the liver releases the sugar into the blood.

After 45 minutes

The body increases the production of a hormone called dopamine, which is responsible for stimulating the area of the brain dedicated to pleasure and rewards.

That’s why we like to drink soft drinks so much: they’re like a fabulous drug for our brain.

After 1 hour


More calcium is flushed out through our urine. This can cause osteoporosis, cause our teeth to fall out or our bones to become more brittle. Phosphoric acid from soda also binds to magnesium and zinc.

The diuretic effect that these drinks supposedly have is false since it doesn’t eliminate body waste, but essential nutrients. Therefore people often feel weak or irritable after drinking soda.