How to Fix Split Ends Without Having to Cut Them

Do you love having long hair but not visiting your hairdresser all the time? It's possible to fix split ends without cutting them off.
How to Fix Split Ends Without Having to Cut Them

Written by Solimar Cedeño

Last update: 25 May, 2022

Do you love having long hair but do not want to visit your hairdresser for a long time? If so, surely your split ends have already detracted from your hair’s glory. This is inevitable as hair grows, because it weakens and becomes brittle. However, it’s possible to fix split ends without cutting them off.

Split ends are the terror of women who want to have beautiful, long hair. As soon as your hair has reached its longest length and you feel confident and beautiful, a split end will surely appear and ruin everything.

Don’t worry: you don’t need to visit your hairdresser. You just have to learn how to restore split ends without cutting them off.

What are Split Ends, and Why do they Appear?

How to restore split ends

Split ends, also called trichoptilosis, are a separation or break at the end of the strands of your hair. They mean your hair is dry, mistreated and poorly maintained.

They are the main reason why your hairdresser tells you that he will cut off only a little bit of your hair and in the end s/he cuts off more. However, don’t blame your hairdresser. S/he just wants your hair to look healthy and should cut split ends from where they start.

Some of the causes of split ends are:

  • Dryness
  • Lack of hydration
  • Abrupt changes in temperature
  • Chemicals
  • Salt water
  • Chlorine
  • Excess shampoo
  • Combing or brushing too hard

Your hair weakens when you use a curling iron, a hairdryer, and hair dyeson it or when you go the beach and the pool. And yes, we know that it would be difficult to give all this up in order to keep your hair healthy, but don’t worry: it’s not necessary.

Of course, you should avoid any of these in excess so that your hair does not pay the price. However, you can continue with your beauty routines if you include care and restoration sessions.

Is it Possible to Fix Split Ends Without Cutting Them?

Of course it is!

The first thing you should do is pay attention to how you treat your hair so that you can stop doing the bad habits that damage it.

Second, get to work on restoring its beauty! But how can you do this?

1. Moisturize your hair every fifteen days.

The main reason split ends appear is dryness, so make an effort to keep your hair from being dry.

Every two weeks, apply natural masks to your hair to hydrate it and to keep it healthy and strong.

2. Drink more water.

Water is essential for your body, and that includes your hair. If you’re dehydrated or do not drink a lot of water, it will be reflected in your hair, since your body will not be getting its necessary hydration.

Drinking water improves the quality of your skin, your hair and your body’s overall functions.

3. Don’t pull your hair back with hair ties or very tight barrettes.

masks for hair fix split ends

Pulling your hair back too tightly will break it. Avoid hair ties with metal pieces, barrettes that put a lot of strain on the hair or any accessory that damages the hair too much.

When hair is damaged and split, the appearance of split ends is imminent. So, don’t tie it too tightly.

Also, don’t tie hair ties too tightly because then it will be difficult to remove them. Sometimes, you may even have to tear your hair a little to take them out.

4. Apply essential oils every night.

Make a routine of using essential oils every night to restore your hair. Just like you brush your teeth or go to the bathroom before going to sleep, you must spend a few minutes with your hair.

  • Untangle it and comb it gently.
  • Then, apply an essential oil to the tips, it can be almond, olive or coconut. Remember to apply it only to the ends so that your hair does not get too greasy.

5. Cut it every three months

Yes, it sounds a bit like nonsense to say that you can fix your split ends without cutting them by cutting them off. However, it is necessary that you get in the habit of cutting the end your hair every so often.

Hair grows about an inch or two every month by itself, and you will only have to cut a few millimeters to keep it clear of split ends.

  • After cutting it, start applying moisturizing masks immediately and start your restorative therapy and constant care.
  • It’s best to treat healthy hair to prevent the appearance of split ends.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll see that your split ends will disappear little by little!

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