7 Feng Shui Decoration Tips for Your Terrace

The Chinese philosophy that works on the harmonization of space also includes outdoor areas, such as patios and terraces. Learn feng shui decoration tips for your terrace or balcony here!
7 Feng Shui Decoration Tips for Your Terrace

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 16 September, 2022

Do you know how to implement feng shui decoration tips for a terrace? Although this philosophy is usually implemented to give harmony to the interior spaces of the house, it can also be used in other areas. Its objective remains the same: a correct organization and distribution of the elements to favor the flow of energy.

In the case of outdoor environments, we must take into account that they’re in contact with nature and the outdoors. Thus, it’s not only necessary to pay attention to the five natural elements and the location of objects according to the cardinal points, but also to the colors, lighting, and types of plants.

7 feng shui decoration tips for the terrace

Feng shui, whose meaning refers to “wind and water,” bases its philosophical system on the harmonious and balanced occupation of space. In order to favor the energetic flow, it seeks to influence people in a positive way.

To do this, it uses a series of strategies and advice linked to the order, the presence of natural elements, and the decoration. Designing a terrace according to the principles of feng shui is possible with some specific recommendations.

1. Include plants

The presence of plants represents a connection with nature, a fundamental aspect of feng shui. In open spaces such as gardens and terraces, it’s recommended to include varied vegetation. For example, vines, shrubs, and flowers are all great options.

In the particular case of the terrace, feng shui decoration suggests species such as the money plant or fruit trees. In addition, including bright colors contributes to the transmission of positive feelings.

It’s also important to provide good water drainage and optimal care for your plants. Dry vegetation is one of the most negative elements according to the Chinese philosophical system.

feng shui decoration tips: include plants
Plants favor the flow of energy and help to purify the air. Therefore, they’re an element that shouldn’t be missing when decorating your terrace.

2. Light colors are best according to feng shui for the terrace

Another aspect to consider is the choice of colors present in the environment. Feng shui principles of decoration for the terrace suggest including bright options, such as blue, orange, or yellow. Pastel shades can also be applied.

On the contrary, dark colors should be avoided. As indicated by the belief system, black or brown are prone to generate negative environments.

3. Feng shui decoration tips: Orientation

The reorganization of a space for the reception of a greater amount of natural light is another feng shui recommendation for areas such as the terrace.

Since this is an outdoor area, it’s important to take advantage of the location so that it’s oriented towards the most illuminated parts. On the other hand, it should also be protected from the wind.

4. Take into account the 5 elements and their balance

Both in closed and open spaces of the home, you should know the importance of the elements according to the philosophy of feng shui.

This suggests that a good balance between wood, water, earth, metal, and fire influences the way in which energies are manifested. Therefore, all of these elements should be present so that they harmonize the space.

  • Wood: If you have a large outdoor space, this material can be present in a table, chairs, or other furniture, as well as in trees. Its presence is very important, as it’s linked to warmth and spring energy.
  • Water: One of the transcendental principles of the philosophical system indicates that water is linked to the movement and changes that occur in life. For this reason, it’s advisable to have a fountain, a pool, or an ornament that contains this important element.
  • Earth: Gardens or terraces usually have plants, so the presence of earth is easier in this case. This element is linked to the stable energy of the terrestrial center.
  • Metal: According to feng shui, this material is related to discipline and the achievement of our goals. On the terrace, it’s possible to include it by means of desk ornaments or hanging decorations like chimes.
  • Fire: This is one of the fundamental elements to transmit strength and vigor. It’s possible to present it with candles or torches, but if the space is not suitable, you can also use pyramidal or triangular objects.

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5. Energy flow

In addition to the presence of feng shui elements for the terrace, it’s important to provide an order that favors healthy energy circulation. According to the Chinese system, it’s not a good idea to fill the spaces with objects or furniture that present obstacles to the passage of energy.

On the contrary, it’s recommended to choose useful things, which provide well-being to its inhabitants. Also, the organization of objects should be uneven, so that the short and direct transit of energy can be prioritized.

In general, feng shui discourages elements with right angles or sharp ends. To replace them, it’s best to opt for curved shapes to soften the space.

6. Feng shui decoration tips: Pay attention to lighting

Despite being outdoors, light is another aspect to take into account when looking for a harmonious atmosphere on the terrace. It’s necessary to ensure that the sunlight is balanced – that is to say, that it’s present, but without being too much.

In addition, it’s necessary to avoid spaces that constantly produce shade, for which objects like lamps, reflectors, or candles can help. Small, warm points of light encourage relaxation and rest.

feng shui decoration tips
Terrace lighting can be complemented with lamps, torches, or candles. It’s important not to neglect this aspect.

7. Ambience and ground cover plants

With outdoor decoration elements, it’s possible to create a warm and natural atmosphere on the terrace. For this purpose, a variety of climbing plants can be used to upholster gardens.

In this way, an entire wall – or even a roof – can be covered entirely by creepers that provide shade and freshness to the space.

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The importance of maintenance in feng shui for the terrace

An alternative to soften the atmosphere is the presence of textiles, both on the floor and on the furniture. Cushions, cushions, and rugs favor feng shui decoration for the terrace and provide greater comfort without the need to generate obstacles in the way.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the Chinese philosophical system places special emphasis on eliminating the elements that symbolize a lack of life. For example, it’s important to replace devices that no longer work or dry plants. For this reason, it’s important the contantly maintain the space and immediately replace anything that is dead or broken.

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