10 Objects That Attract Bad Energy According to Feng Shui

There are several keys to harmonizing a space. Knowing the objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui can help.
10 Objects That Attract Bad Energy According to Feng Shui

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 16 September, 2022

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that’s responsible for a series of maxims to achieve harmony in a space. For this reason, the arrangement and decoration of the home are fundamental aspects when it comes to creating an environment with good energy. Just as there are elements that generate positive charges, there are also some objects that attract bad energies according to feng shui.

It’s all about achieving an energetic balance by removing these objects or placing them in specific sectors. Broken mirrors, pointed furniture, and stopped clocks are some of the elements that feng shui suggests removing. This is in addition to everything that implies the presence of death, such as dried flowers or ornaments with animal parts.

Objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui

Feng shui means “wind and water” and its goal is to make the home a harmonious environment that generates a positive influence on its occupants. To achieve this, feng shui proposes the conscious occupation of space, through organization, the presence of water, and a variety of colors.

However, not all elements are linked to this philosophy. There are several objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui and hinder the energy flow of the space. Let’s take a look at what they are.

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1. Stopped clocks

The philosophy of feng shui indicates that stopped clocks absorb the energy of the home, causing stagnation. On the positive side, an expensive or sentimental clock can be repaired.

It may even just need a battery change. However, this should be done as soon as it stops working. Otherwise, it can influence our mood and project progress, according to this philosophy.

Reloj detenido trae malas energías según feng shui.
Watches and clocks that don’t work are associated with poor mood and stalled projects.

2. Too much dust on objects attracts bad energy according to feng shui

Cleaning the home may seem like a burdensome task, but dust accumulates quickly on furniture and objects. This is an aspect that, according to feng shui, does not allow the passage of positive energy. Therefore, keeping the environment clean and dust-free is synonymous with health and vitality.

3. Plants with thorns

Some species, such as cacti and other plants with thorns, often became objects of decoration characteristic of interiors. However,  feng shui beliefs recommend having them in outdoor spaces or, at least, on a window instead.

According to the Eastern philosophical system, thorns attract bad luck, especially in the financial sector.

However, since plants like cacti are easy to care for and pleasing to look at, it’s not necessary to discard them. It’s enough to simply keep them outdoors so that they can release the accumulated negative energy.

4. Broken mirrors

Mirrors, besides being decorative and functional elements, are objects surrounded by multiple myths and legends in popular culture. According to the feng shui system, it’s not negative to have one, but it must be clean and without cracks. A broken mirror is synonymous with bad energy.

Broken objects represent low self-esteem according to this belief system. On the other hand, it’s not recommended to have mirrors in the bedroom, even if they’re in good condition. According to Taoist philosophy, they can steal energy during sleep, resulting in poor rest.

5. Scissors are objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui

Of course, scissors are an indispensable tool in the home. That’s why this oriental philosophy does not recommend eliminating them, but leaving them stored in a drawer and not in sight.

In addition, to avoid their negative energetic effects, it’s suggested that they always remain closed. This also works to prevent cuts and accidents, especially if there are children in the house.

6. Dead animals

There are some decorative objects that include dead animals. For example, deer heads are very characteristic of hunting spaces.

Feng shui philosophy recommends not to have this type of exotic decorations, since the presence of death brings bad luck and negative energy.

7. Furniture with edges

Tables, shelves, or bookshelves with pointed ends are other objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui. If the corners are very pronounced or sharp, they can have a negative effect on the energetic center of the space, since they cut the flow and stagnate it.

In this case, the oriental philosophy recommends to use circular, oval furniture, or furniture with more organic details. On the other hand, it’s possible to place a tablecloth or mantel on square tables to cover the tips.

8. Dried flowers attract bad energy according to feng shui

Nobody can doubt that flowers and plants are among the most characteristic decorative objects in homes. There’s an immense variety of plants, both indoor and outdoor, to decorate countertops, furniture, corners of the living room, or gardens. However, they are also some objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui.

This is because, according to the Chinese philosophical system, they can hinder the flow of energy. Withered flowers reflect a lack of life.

Therefore, if a plant dries up either due to lack of care or disease, it’s important to remove it from your home. You should also renew the water and keep your plants clean and healthy.

Flores secas para la decoración traen malas energías según feng shui.
 Dried flowers are often used for decoration, but feng shui does not recommend them.

9. Violent decorations

There are all kinds of pictures and posters with violent images. While many people would not choose them to begin with, others prefer them or perhaps they represent the image of a movie they like. However, feng shui suggests removing these decorative objects, as they generate tension and bad energy.

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10. Old clothes

The clothes accumulated and unused in our closets become objects that attract bad energy according to feng shui. This type of clothing, in addition to deteriorating over time, hinders the renewal of energy.

Second-hand objects attract bad energy according to feng shui

Beyond the specific items, there’s a general rule about recycled items for feng shui philosophy. Although they can be a great economic advantage, they’re not always compatible with the Taoist belief system.

The maxim suggests that they attract the energy of previous people. This translates into a hindrance to getting the place you deserve that reflects who you truly are.

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