Fat-burning Exercises to Reduce Your Waist

· December 23, 2014

Showing off a new pair of jeans, a mid-drift top or a mini-skirt can sometimes makes us want to lose a few pounds.  And this isn’t purely for aesthetic reasons, but also for our health and staying at an ideal weight.  One way of the best ways to reduce your waist is through a few simple exercises.

First and foremost, we need to say that there is no magic wand that can do everything.  Each and every one of us has our own constitution and metabolism.  This means that some people can achieve it quickly, while others need a little more time.  What you all need is the strength of willpower and to be consistent, and to know that it’s worth it.  So maybe we should give it a try!

Basic advice for losing weight in the waist and hips

Fat around the hips1. Dietary advice

Start your day with a cleansing juice, or the juice of one lemon, one pineapple, or one papaya.  Or try a beet with an apple.

Half an hour later, eat an appropriate breakfast: a piece of whole-grain toast or a cup of oats, yogurt with fruit…Remember that breakfast is always necessary.  Throughout the day you should eat all your meals, but never in large portions.

Eliminate dairy, lean meats, sweets…increase your vegetable, fiber and omega-3 consumption.  Infusions could also help, like ginger tea, green tea, dandelion tea, aloe vera…

2. Physical exercise

Do two exercise sessions, one in the house and one in the fresh air.

  • You could choose between walking for an hour or running quickly for 15 minutes.
  • The second exercise session you could do inside, and should last half an hour.  This is a simple routine illustrated below.

3. Stay hydrated

It’s best to drink at least 2 liters of water a day (including natural juices).  Do not forget to include a bottle in your bag when you leave the house.  Sipping every once in a while will keep you hydrated.

4. Avoid sitting for long periods of time

Passivity and being sedentary is one of the primary causes of accumulated fat in the waist and hips.  Control the amount of time, for example, that you spend sitting watching the TV or working in front of the computer.  Try to move a bit every hour.

5. Be consistent

You should be consistent in your determination to lose weight.  Changing your diet and exercising every day can sometimes be difficult.  One good way of following through is to join in your goals with one or several friends.  That way you’ll feel more comfortable going out to walk, or talk about which foods you can eat to lose weight.  You will be more motivated.

Exercises for reducing your waist and hips

Leg raises

Exercises for rough hipsKneel down on the ground with your hands supported, on all fours.  Life one leg, extending it straight back until forming a straight line with your torso.  Hold it in that position for 20 seconds.  Then, to the same with your other leg.

Hip raises

Exercises to reduce centimeters hipsLay face up with your legs bent.  The support the soles of your feet on the ground, keeping your arms extended on both sides of your body.  Once you’ve done that, raise your abdomen as much as you can and hold for 20 seconds.

Leg circles

Side exercise

Now lay down on one side and raise one leg as illustrated in the photo.  Then start making small circles in the air, smoothly, from one side to the other.  Do this for 20 seconds, then change legs.

Leg flexes

Exercise hipsNow stand.  Separate your legs a bit and place your hands behind your back.  Raise one of your legs (being careful not to lose balance) and hold for 15 seconds, as demonstrated in the image.  The repeat with the other leg.


ExercisesThis exercise is very easy to do, but the resistance is very effective.  Stand up, stretch your arms out, and then bend at the knees.  Try to do this simple exercise ten times.

As you can see these exercises are very easy to do.  All you need to do is find half an hour a day to do them, alternating between each one.  Doing so will be much more pleasant if you put on some music to go along.  But remember, the important thing is that you are consistent with your goal.