50 Famous Quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger to Inspire Your Workout

Discover Arnold Schwarzenegger's powerful quotes to boost your physical activity. All of them are a call to action.
50 Famous Quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger to Inspire Your Workout

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Last update: 12 June, 2023

Imagine being in the gym, surrounded by shiny equipment and motivated people ready to give it their all. As you prepare to dive into an intense workout, what better way to find inspiration than by reading some famous quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

This American bodybuilder, actor, philanthropist, and politician has become a pop culture icon since his rise to fame in the 1980s. In addition, his seven Mr. Olympia titles have enshrined him as a true icon.

If you feel that laziness is gaining ground and your fitness goals seem out of reach, read on! In this article, we’re going to share some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous quotes that will become your infallible allies to motivate you.

Forging muscles and willpower with these famous quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former governor of California has repeatedly stressed the importance of everyone having the right to exercise and get stronger. Through his words, Schwarzenegger reflects a mindset focused on success, especially in the realm of fitness.

His quotes are a constant reminder that the path to personal transformation requires discipline, determination, and unwavering passion. Here’s a compilation to help you boost and empower your training.

Quotes to help you strengthen your body and mind

  1. “Bodybuilding is like any other sport. To be successful, you must be 100% dedicated to your training, diet, and mental focus.”
  2. “Training gives us an outlet for pent-up energy created by stress and therefore tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”
  3. “Every workout should be intense, seeking your limits.”
  4. “I’m addicted to exercise and have to do something every day.”
  5. You can have results or excuses. Not both.”
  6. “It’s very simple; if it wiggles, it’s fat.”
  7. “If you don’t find your limits, don’t expect to get better.”
  8. “Every day I hear someone say, ‘I’m fat. I’ve got to lose 20 pounds, but I can’t. I feel like I’m never going to get better.’ I would hate myself if I had that kind of attitude, if I was that weak.”
  9. There are no shortcuts: it’s all repetition, repetition, and repetition.”
  10. “The secret is contained in a three-part formula I learned in the gym: self-confidence, a positive mental attitude, and honest hard work. Many people are aware of these principles, but very few can put them into practice.”
  11. “I do the same exercises I did 50 years ago and they still work. I eat the same food I ate 50 years ago and it still works.”
  12. “What I do is what I want to do. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. If the rest disagree and say I shouldn’t waste my time, I’ll still be a bodybuilder. I love it.”
  13. “You feel great when you train. It’s great when you feel strong.”

These famous quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasize the importance of total dedication to training, diet, and wellness. They also highlight that exercise not only benefits the body, but also the spirit, providing an outlet for stress.

Arnold Schwarzenegger can tell you how to get the best muscles

“The last three to four repetitions are what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain separates the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack: having the guts to keep going and just say they’ll get through it.”

  1. “The endurance you fight with physically in the gym and the endurance you fight with in life can only build a strong character.”
  2. “The only way to be a champion is to go through forced repetitions, torture, and pain.”
  3. “Strength doesn’t come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you keep going despite the odds and decide not to give up, that’s strength.”
  4. “I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift an ounce more weight. What I learned is that we’re always stronger than we think we are.”
  5. “I have a rush when the blood runs through my muscles. They get really tight with blood. Like the skin is going to explode at any moment. It’s like someone puts air in my muscles. They explode. It’s fantastic.”
  6. Confidence comes from winning, but strength comes from fighting.”
  7. “A bodybuilder knows that when he pumps his muscles, that means growth. Muscles grow. So he knows that when he pumps well, he’s making progress. And that satisfies him.”
  8. “I just use my muscles as a talking point.”
  9. “I love the feeling in my muscles, I love the competition and I love what it brings me.”
  10. “In a way, you don’t see a muscle as a part of you. You see it as a thing. You see it as a thing and you say, well, this needs to be a little bit longer, the biceps needs to be longer, or the triceps needs to be thicker here in the elbow area. And you look at it and it doesn’t even look like it belongs to you. Like a sculpture.”
  11. “I can hide my feelings under my muscles.”
  12. “My only rule is to keep moving, pump, and do cardio at the same time. Rest as little as possible. After an hour, you’ll feel fantastic and your muscles won’t know what hit them.”

Working out can become an essential part of a person’s life. It’s not just an obligation to maintain health or achieve a toned figure, but a source of satisfaction. By overcoming comfort and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can reach your fitness goals and open the door to wellness.

Quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger to fuel your determination

  1. “I never hear the phrase ‘you can’t’; I always listen to my inner self that says, ‘Yes, you can!”
  2. “When your vision is powerful enough, everything else falls into place: how you live your life, your workouts, which friends you choose to hang out with, how you eat, what you do for fun.”
  3. Vision is purpose, and when your purpose is clear, so are your life choices.
  4. “Vision creates faith and faith creates willpower. With faith, there is no anxiety, no doubt, just absolute confidence.”
  5. “You can’t get tired if you care about what you do. That’s the key.”
  6. “The mind is the only limit. As long as the mind can imagine the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe it 100 percent.”
  7. “Someone, you don’t know where, is smarter than you, and works hard to try harder and harder.”
  8. “What makes me most happy is that I can focus on a vision of where I want to be in the future.”
  9. “With strength and determination you can do anything you want in life, as long as you believe in yourself, because if you don’t do it, no one else will.”
  10. “My instinct was to win, to eliminate anyone who was in competition, to destroy my enemy and move forward without any hesitation.”
  11. You can’t fail forever. If you try ten times, you have a better chance of making it on the eleventh try than if you didn’t try at all.”
  12. “Nothing was going to distract me from the goal. No job, no relationship, nothing.”

Schwarzenegger has stressed the importance of setting clear goals in life and in the gym, as without them triumph is difficult to achieve. Perseverance, determination, and self-confidence are key elements in achieving success and a better physique. These qualities are essential to drive you to overcome the challenges and obstacles you encounter along the way.

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Quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger to help you ignite your motivation

  1. Don’t listen to negative people; don’t feel hurt because someone laughs at you.”
  2. “You can’t always win, but don’t be afraid to make the decision to do so.”
  3. “We all have great inner power. Power is faith in oneself.”
  4. “Pay no attention to those who say something can’t be done.”
  5. Trust yourself no matter what others think.
  6. “Never be afraid to fail.”

Once again, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous quotes highlight the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and persevering, even in the context of the gym. In this environment, it is common to face obstacles and experience moments of discouragement.

Hard work and effort: The road to success

  1. “The day has 24 hours for everyone. So sleep 6 and make the most of the remaining 18 hours.”
  2. If you keep doing the right things, success will come.”
  3. “There’s absolutely no other way to succeed in life except by constant effort.”
  4. “Whenever you slack in your stuff there will be someone else somewhere doing it much better than you.”
  5. There’s no magic pill. It’s all about hard work. That’s why it bothers me when I hear people say they don’t have 45 minutes or an hour a day to get better at something.”
  6. Do something every day. Don’t sit on the couch and eat potatoes.”

In the context of fitness training, these phrases take on even more relevance. They are a reminder that success in the gym doesn’t come quickly or easily. It requires constant commitment and the will to keep going.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s powerful legacy

In short, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous quotes are inspirational for overcoming limitations and achieving fitness and personal goals. By embracing these teachings, you’ll find the motivation you need to work on your best self and face challenges with courage.

This character reminds us that true power lies in both the mind and the body. As you head to the gym, we encourage you to read some of these quotes – it’s time to get in better shape and push your limits!

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