4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables You've Probably Never Heard Of

Are you tired of eating the same fruits and veggies all the time? Take a look at some of these exotic fruits and vegetables you've probably never heard of!
4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables You've Probably Never Heard Of

Written by Ángela Aragón

Last update: 30 May, 2022

Today, we’re going to help you discover some alternatives to the foods that you’re used to. Let’s have a look at four exotic fruits and vegetables that you’ve probably never seen before.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. That may seem like a lot for some people, and even a little boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is an endless list of varieties when it comes to fruit. However, you probably don’t know all of them and all of their unique benefits.

Adding fruit to your diet means making your body stronger with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water.

  • Fruit gives you a dose of sugar that keeps you from getting cravings for other kinds of sweets, like factory-made pastries. Thanks to this, you’ll feel more full and satisfied.
  • At the same time, you also strengthen your immune system.
  • Plus, you even increase the work of your digestive system and keep your figure the way you like it.
  • Meanwhile, vegetables have the same advantages. However, their high amount of fiber stands out.
  • As you know, what you eat can either become an armor against diseases or cause them. In this sense, they help you get rid of toxins.

Keeping this in mind, we recommend that you explore the wonderful world of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Four exotic fruits and vegetables

1. Pineberry

4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

This strange fruit is a cross between two varieties of strawberries. It stands out because of how it looks and its flavor.

Pineberries have the taste of a strawberry. However, when you bite into them, they also give off a rich juice similar to pineapple juice.

As can be expected, this fruit features great vitamin content: vitamins A, C, and B9 all stand out.

Maybe the most unknown of them is the last one. However, its functions are very valuable. It prevents and alleviates brain and heart problems. This includes neuro-pathic problems, including migraines.

Also, pineberries have a significant amount of potassium. This makes them effective when taking care of your bone and muscular structure. This is why many athletes take advantage of them.

Finally, these great berries also help to metabolize carbohydrates. Basically, they provide your body with energy without all of the risks of gaining weight.

2. Tamarillo

4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

Tamarillos are also called tree tomatoes because of their appearance. However, their flavor is much sweeter. That’s why they’re perfect for children.

This also makes them ideal for people with a sweet tooth. In comparison to other exotic fruits and vegetables, they provide a large amount of water and a minimal amount of carbohydrates.

This way, you can enjoy this intense flavor without risking gaining weight.

  • As with pineberries, they’re also rich in vitamins B, C, and A.
  • As for minerals, their magnesium content stands out. This is good for your teeth and heart.
  • At the same time, they help with the formation of proteins. As you know, these are indispensable for strengthening your muscles.

3. Rutabaga

4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

This is a Swedish root that’s very similar to turnips. However, the difference is that it has more sugar.

Its strength is undoubtedly its fiber content. In fact, this is one of the vegetables that gives you the most fiber.

Thus, it’s ideal for improving bowel movements. It also cleans your body of toxic substances.

Doctors usually recommend eating it if you have high blood pressure. This is because of its low levels of sodium and its high amount of phosphorus and potassium.

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4. Sea fennel

4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

With a slightly spicy flavor, this is one of the exotic vegetables we want to show you. Sea fennel stands out because of its high vitamin C content.

This becomes a spectacular antioxidant and helps protects you from pain. You can use it in salads and in recipes with fish.

At the same time, it’s used as a natural remedy for treating flatulence and digestive problems. This is because its properties are very similar to traditional fennel.

As you can see, there are lots of exotic fruits and vegetables out there for you to try. These give you the same benefits as the most conventional ones.

Starting now, boredom can’t be an excuse for eating healthy. Try these delicious alternatives and tell us about them!

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