7 Things That May Help Speed up Your Metabolism in the Mornings

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7 Things That May Help Speed up Your Metabolism in the Mornings
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 11 June, 2022

One way to get a fast metabolism is following some of the tips we’ll discuss in this article. These tips may help you speed up your metabolism in the mornings.

Your metabolism is like a perfect and precise internal motor. Thanks to it, your body transforms the energy obtained from food into the fuel that helps it carry out basic functions.

Everyone thinks that a good metabolism simply helps you “burn fat”. But it’s much more than that. It’s the reflection of your internal balance that provides your cells with energy. It’s the “spark” that drives each of your bodily processes and results in your well-being.

A good metabolism is synonymous with good health. A slow metabolism translates into tiredness, weight gain, allergies, skin problems, insomnia and more.

All of this should make you aware of the fact that you shouldn’t just obsess over speeding up your metabolism to lose weight. You need to have a good metabolism in order to lead a healthier life.

7 things that may help speed up your metabolism

1. Drink warm water with lemon juice

Right after you wake up and take a shower, your body needs something cleansing, filled with vitamins, light and healthy.

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach may do wonderful things for you. It may help kick start your metabolism, prepare your stomach for better digestion and cleanse your body to absorb the nutrients from food. Warm water is recommended because it helps increase your metabolic rate.

If the acidic taste of lemon juice doesn’t suit you, you can add a teaspoon of organic honey to this drink.


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2. Lift weights for 10 minutes

A woman exercising

Everyone has 10 free minutes a day. Although it might seem like a very short time, just dedicating them to daily exercise may translate into a more toned and firm body, as well as a more active metabolism.

Exercising your muscles is one way to help raise your metabolic rate. One of the best times to do it is in the early hours of the day.

Add a little weight lifting to your morning ritual. The benefits are excellent and your body will thank you for it.

3. Say yes to eggs in the morning

Eggs are one of the best foods that may help speed up your metabolism. When you consume them in moderation and combined with other healthy foods, they may help you lose weight.

The fat contained in eggs is healthy and won’t affect your cholesterol. Omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids are essential for your cardiovascular health.

4. Apples and pears

Organic apples and pears may help speed up your metabolism, reduce cholesterol levels and also help you lose some of the more resistant fat that gets stored in the body.

It’s important that you combine these fruits with other nutritious foods in your breakfast. You can add them to a bowl of oatmeal or prepare some yogurt with nuts, raisins and honey.

5. Have that cup of coffee

A cup of hot coffee

You already know that there’s a lot of information both for and against drinking coffee. But you also know how it makes you feel. If you’re conscious and don’t drink it in excess, a cup of coffee won’t be harmful and in fact is a great way to help start your metabolism.

Don’t forget that caffeine also increases your adrenaline levels. This hormone mediates the breakdown of fat cells, which will work in your favor as long as you keep a balanced and varied diet.

6. Grapefruit: A fruit that may help speed up your metabolism

When you drink a big glass of natural grapefruit juice a day, you give your body a lot of vitamin C. In addition, this fruit is a wonderful source of fiber, folic acid, and thiamine.

Thiamine is very important for glucose metabolism, which makes grapefruit the perfect aid for weight loss diets.

In addition to that, people who are obese will consider this fruit their best daily ally. It may reduce their chances of suffering from diabetes, helps fight resistant fat and aids digestion.

7. Water: An amazing stimulant

A glass of water

Two cups of water (300 to 400 ml) help boost your metabolism. They also help harmonize your body’s functions, help your kidneys work a lot better and help oxidize fats and break down carbohydrates.

All you need to do is prepare a liter and a half of water when you wake up and carry that with you throughout the day.

Remember that drinking small sips of water all day long is a great way to keep your metabolism active. This is a simple routine that will help improve your overall well-being.

Are you ready to try out these tips?

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