5 Easy Makeup Tricks to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

To achieve a slimmer-looking face, you can play with easy makeup tricks like light and dark colors to create different effects. If you don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, try just focusing on the eyes.

Making your face appear slimmer and more stylish is a matter of having the right makeup tools and using some easy makeup tricks.

You don’t need to be a cosmetic artist or spend countless hours applying makeup to reduce some of the volume in your cheeks or achieve a sharper effect around the lines of your face.

All you need is a good illuminating powder, good foundation, blush, eyeliner, and a brush.

Listen up!

How can you make your face look slimmer?

The first thing you can do in your beauty routine to achieve a slimmer looking face is to use a good cleanser.

Clean, oil-free skin and exfoliated lips are key to helping your makeup stick better, creating a more professional finish that will last a long time.

Then, the easy makeup tricks are as follows:

1. Foundation, the balance between light and dark areas

2 slim face makeup

No doubt you’ve heard of the trend that’s so fashionable today known as “contouring.”

Sure, at first glance it might look a little exaggerated and almost theatrical, but the trick to keeping you from looking like a “raccoon” is to do it with grace and skill.

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When you know the lines of your face well you can achieve a flawless result. Give it a try without applying too much makeup.

How to apply your makeup to define your features

You’ll need the following:

  • Undereye concealer
  • A foundation that matches the color of your skin
  • A base that is two shades darker than your natural coloring
  • Illuminating powder
  • Setting powder or translucent powder

The first thing you’ll do is apply the undereye concealer.

  • Then apply and spread your foundation all over your face. If it contains sunscreen, that’s even better.
  • Now it’s time to turn to the areas you want to highlight. You’ll apply the darker base along the lines from your ears to your cheeks (following the guideline in the photo above).
  • Another line will connect your temples and jaw, with the last falling just below your chin. Use your fingers to smooth the edges of the darker shading.
  • Now you apply that magical finishing touch: the illuminating powder. According to the experts, if you apply it to the top of your forehead, the center of your nose, and along the jaw line it will trick the eye and divert attention from the wider areas of your face.
  • Finally apply setting powder or loose powder to set your makeup.

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2. “Cat eyes” for a more elongated look

3 cat eyes

One of the most classic and easy makeup tricks. Use your eyeliner to create that classic feline look for a refined effect that slims the face.

How to use your eyeliner

  • Start by applying a base coat or primer to eliminate any wrinkles or imperfections.
  • Next apply some eye shadow in nude or beige tones.
  • To line your eyes, all you need to do is draw a very thin line along your upper lashes. Then add the “feline” touch by prolonging the final stroke from the corner of the eye and upward.

3. Lengthen your eyebrows

4 longer eyebrows

This is an essential and effective trick for slimming the look of your face. Fuller eyebrows will give the appearance of a sharper face because they help fill any open space.

It will add expression to your look and fill out the top of the face.

How to apply eyebrow makeup

  • Start by combing your eyebrows using a special brush. Brush them upwards.
  • With the help of an eyebrow pencil, draw a line in the direction of hair growth and then blend with the brush, covering any empty patches. The result is very flattering!

4. Blush, your key point

Blush is another great way to achieve a thinner-looking face. Always choose blush in pink or orange tones.

They key is to apply the blush right in the center of your cheekbones and along the incline (like an inverted triangle).

5. Now for lips, nude tones or gloss

5 nude lips

To achieve a more balanced look, since you’ve already emphasized other areas like your eyes and cheekbones, it’s a good idea to avoid dark shades of lipstick.

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It’s best to choose tones that are pink or beige, or a simple lipgloss. This will give you a subtle touch of sweetness and a natural look.

Combined with the darker contours and those feline eyes you’ll have a unique and classic look, giving you a bright and attractive appearance…and a slimmer, more balanced face.

Try experimenting with these easy makeup tricks to achieve your desired look.

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