The Best Herbs to Help You Gain Weight

· September 29, 2014

How can we gain weight naturally? Many people need to gain weight, either because their doctors recommend it or because they find their thinness unpleasant or uncomfortable. Here we will take a careful look at the reasons why one may need to gain weight as well as natural and healthy ways to do so.

There are times when needing to gain weight is due to health problems, periods of stress or other illnesses that have made us lose more weight than is ideal; or quite simply, a genetic predisposition towards being thin.

So, how can we gain weight in a healthy and balanced way?  Nutritionists recommend that doing this can sometimes be more complicated than losing weight.  Many aspects must be controlled: avoid an excess of calories from industrial foods that cause serious health problems over time.  You must also ensure that people have enough appetite to follow through with all the prescribed meals, and even solve associated digestive problems.  But let’s take a careful look at all of these aspects as well as point out which plants can help us gain weight naturally and healthily.

Why are there people who can’t gain weight?

  • Genetic causes: There are people who can’t eat more than a limited amount of food.  Once it hits their stomach, they secrete a series of hormones that satiate the appetite, and stops them from continuing to eat.
  • More muscle fiber: Sometimes, genetic composition and a person’s heredity has given them more muscle fibers.  This makes them burn more energy while resting, making weight gain more difficult.
  • Character and personality: There are people who are nervous and restless by nature.  They are incapable of sitting still,  and are constantly active, even while sitting: continuous leg and arm movement…all this makes them burn more calories in almost every moment.
  • Difficulty in absorbing nutrients: A key factor, seeing as how our body stops receiving its necessary daily energy contribution.
  • Certain diseases: like, for example, hyperthyroidism, anorexia, bulimia, chronic diarrhea, depression, stress…

Herbs that will help you gain weight


fenugreek weight gain

You might not be familiar with it, but fenugreek stands out as an amazing ally for gaining weight.  In fact, it is known for making breasts and glutes larger, knowing how to use it.

Inside, it contains properties similar to feminine estrogen.  It is also perfect for reducing cholesterol, stabilizing glucose in the blood, and thanks to its fiber, it prevents constipation.  But, how do you consume it?  You can normally find it in natural food stores, your doctor might even be able to prescribe you some in capsules.  But you can normally consume it in the following ways:

  • Through its seeds.
  • Capsules or pills sold in natural food stores.
  • Through its flour, making what is known as Egyptian bread.
  • Powder for flavoring different dishes.
  • Tea or infusion.

Without a doubt, the most common way of consuming it is as a tea with its seeds when you wake up, and during mid-afternoon.  Boil one cup of water, place 5 seeds in it, and drink it once it has sat for a few minutes.  You’ll have to drink a lot of water throughout the day, this will increase your appetite.  Fenogreek also contains saponins, which help improve digestion, improve digestive enzymes, and calories will accumulate in your body in a healthy way, causing weight gain.  But always remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


Dandilion tea

 Dandelion’s primary ability is to act as a tonic, stimulating the appetite.  Thanks to its sweet flavor, it stimulates the flow of bile, thereby improving digestive enzymes.  In order for dandelion to have an effect on you, you need to drink it three times a day, the first time, just after waking up.  Boil four flowers in one cup of water.  One it has sat, you can drink it.  A half an hour later, you can eat a banana.  Eating a banana a day will also help you gain weight in a healthy way.



Gentian is an excellent herb that can help you gain weight.  It is normally a very effective natural remedy for people who have been recovering from an illness, and should help you gain weight quickly and healthfully to recover you healthy figure.

Its properties are based principally on improving food absorption and increasing appetite.  Because of this, all proteins and calories consumed are appropriately synthesized, helping you go up a few sizes naturally, and healthfully.  It also tones the stomach and intestines, creating a more adequate gastric secretion, and better enzyme absorption.  Don’t hesitate to try it.  You can find it in natural food stores, where you will be able to secure bags for infusions that you could drink after every meal.