7 Surprising Benefits of Taking Cold Showers in the AM

20 January, 2020
If we're not used to showering with cold water, we can make the water temperature colder little by little over time and try to always end showers with cold water. 

However, if we knew about the huge benefits that cold showers offer for our health, we might just decide on trying out this simple and economical home therapy.

In this article, discover today the 7 positive effects that you can experience if you take cold showers in the morning. In addition, read about how to do it the right way. 

Effects of cold water

When cold water hits any part of our body, it causes the blood vessels to contract, reactivating blood circulation in the entire body.

This action clears up organs and aids in the eliminating impurities from the bloodstream through the skin’s pores.

7 health benefits

1. Cold showers speed up metabolism

By taking cold showers, we can lower our body temperature, which in turn makes our body use up more energy to control it. In this way, we can speed up our metabolism and burn more calories.

This can be very helpful for people with a slow metabolism, such as people with hypothyroidism.

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2. Regulates body tempurature

When our metabolism speeds up, our body activates a natural function to balance temperature due to the external changes.

It’s a very healthy habit to keep as we’re already used to continuous artificial temperatures (air conditioning, heating, etc.).

3. Eliminates liquids

eliminate swelling in feet with cold showers

The effect cold water has on blood vessels activates circulation and the body’s lymphatic drainage. It positively impacts it by facilitating the elimination of liquids.

This effect benefits people who suffer from swelling or heaviness as well as those with joint inflammation 

4. Improves skin

Cold water is the best beauty treatment for skin because it has a tensing and firming effect that fights saggy skin and wrinkles.

In addition, cold water helps eliminate dead cells as well as preventing stress and cellulite.

5. Shiny hair

shiny hair from cold showers

Besides improving skin’s health and appearance, cold water benefits our hair as well if we use it for just a couple of seconds or on the lower backside of our head. We’ll end up with shinier hair and prevent it from falling it out, too. 

However, the temperature of the water that you use for your head should just be cool, not cold.

6. Activates blood circulation

Cold showers gets the heart rate moving and contracts muscles. These two effects activate blood circulation in the entire body.

Good circulation provides us with an immediate sense of well-being as well as plenty of other long-term health benefits.

7. Raises defenses

immune system defenses

By improving the lymphatic system, cold water also improves the body’s defenses. Thus, we can be confident in that daily cold showers strengthen our immune system. 

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How should we shower?

When using cold water for showering, we should always start with our feet. A sudden cold shower could actually harm our health, especially our lungs and heart.

  • We should start with both feet and work our way up to the neck and face, being sure to avoid the rest of the head.
  • We can also take a different route and start with the right leg, moving up until the neck, and work our way down again to the left foot.
  • The cold rinse should last anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute. We can also choose to alternate with hot water.

Important advice

Below, we have some important advice for showing with cold water the right way:

  • Even though cold water has all of these great benefits for our body, we should always avoid our head area.
  • If we’re used to always showering with very hot water, we should make a gradual changes. We can lower the temperature gradually and alternate between hot and cold water.
  • As previously mentioned in our article, cold showers are extremely beneficial when taken in the morning thanks to their stimulating effects.

On the other hand, hot water is more appropriate for night showers because it helps us relax and rest better.

Note: People who suffer from cardiac problems or hyperthyroidism shouldn’t take showers that are too cold. They can combine hot and cold water, or even use just warm water.

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