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María Irene Benavides Guillém


María Irene Benavides Guillem is a doctor who has worked in the care area of various health services, especially in neonatal and pediatric critical care. She is also the founder and leader of several research groups, as well as being an editor and writer.

About the author

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Cartagena (Colombia) in 2010, she is the founder and leader of the Alquimistas research group whose lines of research are rare diseases and congenital anomalies; evidence-based health care, and health and disease in newborn babies.

Similarly, she is the founder of PEMERAC (Medical Education Program for Rare Diseases and Congenital Anomalies) and the Blue Ribbons Campaign.

She has experience in the care area of different health services, especially in neonatal and pediatric critical care. At the same time in the preparation, execution, and coordination in the area of conducting biomedical research.

She also has experience in the implementation of evidence-based health care and clinical practice guidelines, as well as the construction of e-health tools, with all these e-health tools focused on raising awareness and education on rare diseases and congenital anomalies.     

She has created diverse audiovisual and virtual content, published in several national and international scientific journals, and has participated in national and international academic events with works related to the lines of research she works in.

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