Thumb Author José Gerardo Rosciano Paganelli

José Gerardo Rosciano Paganelli

Physician and specialist in General Surgery.


About the author

He graduated in General Medicine in 2012 and a postgraduate degree in General Surgery from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), which he completed in 2016 with honors.

Once he completed his undergraduate degree, he worked for a year in rural towns and after finishing his postgraduate degree, he did a Fellowship in Robotic Surgery of the Digestive Tracts at the Hospital Universitario de Caracas. Since 2017, he has worked as a professor at the UCV in the area of General Surgery in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

During his career, he has participated in many publications in high-level scientific journals such as J Robotic Surgery, Rev Venez Cir and Cir Esp, among others. In addition, he has participated in different congresses of surgical medical societies where he has made his work known and has given different conferences; on several occasions it has been awarded by these societies.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Research Coordination of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCV.

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