How To Make An Anti-Aging Apple Mask

· June 22, 2016

This anti-aging apple mask will allow you to get the most out of apples’ benefits for skin, in addition to the many benefits of honey.

Our skin changes over the course of the years, and when we reach certain stages in life, it’s normal for expression lines or wrinkles start to appear, which reflect age.

Currently, in the cosmetic and medical industry, important advancements have been made regarding techniques and products for preventing and reducing signs of aging.  The majority of people are trying to look younger, longer.

The big problem with this is that now, with today’s modern lifestyle, we are constantly subjected to environmental contamination, UV rays, sedentary lifestyles, along with other factors which speed up the aging process for skin and the body.  This causes individuals experience signs of aging at an earlier age.

In an attempt to reduce the impact of free radicals and other agents that have negative effects on skin, beauty experts now recommend taking certain care everyday to provide the necessary nutrients that skin needs to regenerate and stay young.

These steps can be complemented by using anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams, which contain concentrated active ingredients that can repair skin.  These commercial products, however, are generally very costly, and are out of reach for a lot of people.

The good news is that there are natural ingredients that are available to everyone.  They can be used to prepare homemade anti-aging treatments.  We’re talking about the ever-common fruit, the apple, which is rich in antioxidants and other compounds that benefit skin.

Apple’s benefits for skin

apple's benefits for the skin

There are different varieties of apples throughout the entire world, the majority of which are similar in their amount of nutrients.

This fruit is recommended in diets as it is great for skin because of its high vitamin C and beta-carotene content, along with antioxidant compounds that help block free radicals.  These molecules interrupt cellular function.

Internally, apples provide fiber, which is a necessary compound for good digestion and promoting intestinal movement.  It also contains pectin, which is a carbohydrate that improves intestinal function, eliminating toxins that are responsible for different cutaneous problems.

Its primary skin benefits are attributed to its malic acid and tartaric acid.  These two active ingredients help get rid of accumulated dead skin cells, primarily on the face.

Malic acid is present in considerable amounts in acidic apples, although it is also found, to a lesser extent, in wine, cider and other fruits.

Tartaric acid is also available in apples and certain wines.

Anti-aging apple mask

Anti-aging apple mask

Because of its compounds and active substances, apples have become the perfect fruit for making masks to repair and nourish mistreated faces.

This anti-aging apple mask is easy to prepare and is intended to take maximum advantage of the antioxidants, moisturizers, diuretics and vitamin E in apples.  They are perfect for reducing signs of aging.


  • 1 green apple, dice
  • 1 Tbsp. honey (25 grams)
  • 2 Tbsp. milk (30 mL)


Place the apple and milk in a blender and blend into a uniform mixture.

Once blended into a paste (free of lumps) add the honey and stir well to mix.

Application method for anti-aging apple mask

  • Before applying the mask to your face, neck, and chest, it is very important that you use makeup remover or a cleanser to make sure that your skin has no more makeup or dirt on it, which could have been absorbed throughout the day.
  • Once your skin is clean and fresh, apply a good amount of the paste uniformly from your chest up to your forehead.
  • Be careful to avoid your eyes.  This should not come into contact with the edges of your eyes as it could cause irritation.  To prevent this, place a few cucumber or potato slices over your eyes.
  • Allow the mask to set for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Remember, this is best done at night before going to bed, which will allow the nutritional effects of this mask to take place while resting.