4 Exercises to Get the Pectorals of Álex González

Álex González shows off some pectorals on Instagram that are the envy of many. How did he get them, though?
4 Exercises to Get the Pectorals of Álex González
Leonardo Biolatto

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Last update: 18 October, 2023

The gym work of Álex González is very specific, and he doesn’t rest when it comes to maintaining his body. In a sense, it’s his tool of the trade. After all, keeping toned ensures him some roles in movies and television.

So, let’s take a look at exercises that could lead you to have the pectorals of Álex González. There’s no secret or magic ingredient. It’s all about diagramming the routine and getting down to work.

1. The push-ups of Álex González

Classic and infallible, push-ups are a must for strengthening the upper body and emphasizing the edges of the chest muscles. They also define the shoulders and biceps.

However, you don’t have to stick to traditional push-ups if you’re looking for Álex González-worthy pecs. The point is in the variation to activate different fibers.

In any case, according to a study published in the Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness, the addition of unstable surfaces to push-ups would not have a better or enhancing effect. We are talking, for example, about the Bosu ball. So, just select modifications to the routine that can be done with your own weight or simple attachments.

It’s common to remove a prop. So, you should do the push-up with one hand or with one foot over the other. This way, you stimulate only one of the limbs hard on each descent and ascent.

If you want to contribute resistance, elastic bands across the shoulders complicate the ascent. It’s an interesting use of this attachment that forces you to lift with greater force.

Flexiones con bandas elásticas.
Resistance bands increase mobilization effort to reach the zenith of the push-up.

2. The barbell incline press

The barbell incline press can also be considered a must in a pec routine, especially if you’re aiming for Álex González’s definition. For the execution, you need a barbell and support for your back that has an angle and allows you to be seated between 25 and 45 degrees.

The pectoralis major is the most worked muscle with this movement. Secondarily, you will activate triceps, deltoids, and serratus.

Furthermore, the ascent and descent of the bar should not end with locked elbows. This is a mistake that reduces the effectiveness of the movement and increases the risk of injury.

Nor is it advisable to speed up the ascent and descent. It’s often common for people in the gym to “bounce” the bar over their chests. However, the accumulation of speed causes microtrauma to the joints of the upper limbs.

3. Dumbbell decline press

The dumbbell decline press changes the orientation of the head, which will now point slightly downward. We can then work on another part of the pecs: in this case, the bottom line.

The nice thing about the dumbbell decline press is that it focuses on a region of the chest that very few people pay attention to. This makes a difference if we want the pecs of Álex González.

In the execution, you have to take your time. The descent and ascent must be controlled, especially if you are beginners to the movement. Having the head slightly down adds an extra complication.

In gyms, there are Smith machines, which are used for the decline press with barbells. In this case, you can use them, as they contribute to the control of the descent due to their structure, which limits the risk of injury.

As with the incline press that we have already discussed, you must avoid bouncing the bar on your chest. Preventing injury is essential and, if you are not sure about the movement, breathing is key. With proper breathing, you can regulate the ascent and descent, to make them smooth and dedicate the necessary time.

A university thesis review compared the electromyogram activation of the different presses. The findings, although limited, show that the declined version activates the pectoral more than the horizontal version. Therefore, this exericse is included in this list on more than scientific grounds.

4. Pulley chest crossover

If you’ve been going to a gym for any length of time, chances are you’ve already had the pulley chest crossover in your routine. Its name describes it almost perfectly.

This exercise involves taking the pulley machine, loading it with the appropriate weight, and stretching the ropes with your hands so that they cross in front of you. You use the high pulleys, keep a slight bend in your elbows, and stand upright. This is the common and effective way to execute the movement.

Want Álex González’s pecs? The chest crossover with pulleys will do the trick. And if you vary the grip, as well as the angle at which you place your torso, you will modify the stimulation within the pectoralis major, covering different fibers.

Furthermore, you can’t move your back to do the execution correctly. If you do, you will lose 100% stimulation in the pectorals and split the force with the spine, favoring the risk of injury.

This is also not an exercise to do in a hurry. The jolts from the weight getting out of control drag the shoulder, increasing the chance of injury.

Cruce de poleas.
The pulley crossover is unique to machine exercise, so you’ll have to go to a gym to do it.

Do you have to follow a specific order for these exercises to have the pecs of Álex González?

Fortunately, sports science has studied the effect of the order of routines on results and endurance. Furthermore, an investigation led in Brazil showed that the pectoralis major muscle does not see its repetition capacity affected by the organization of the movements.

The same authors recommend placing the more complex exercises at the beginning of the day, not because of the exhaustion they might produce, but because of the person’s better predisposition to execute them. Then, you can continue with the simpler ones.

If you want to do it the other way around, you will also get results. Thus, the important thing is that you adapt the plan to your capabilities and to the moment you are going through in your search for muscle goals.

Finally, remember Álex González’s pecs didn’t appear overnight. Neither will yours. With time an patience, however, you can achieve the muscle definition you’re looking for.

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