23 Types and Shapes of Vagina: All of Them Are Normal

There are different types and shapes of vagina, according to the length of the labia, the depth, the presence of hair, among other factors. But they all have one thing in common: they are all completely normal!
23 Types and Shapes of Vagina: All of Them Are Normal

Last update: 27 May, 2022

As with so many other parts of our anatomy, there’s great diversity in the types and shapes of the vagina or vulva. This may include the shape, size, or even the color.

First of all, it’s a good idea to clarify that the terms vagina and vulva are often used interchangeably. However, they don’t refer to the same body part.

The “vagina” refers to the duct that is the entrance to the uterus, while the vulva is the external part of the genitals, where we also find the clitoris, the urethra, and the labia minora and majora.

Now, some people may have wondered if their genitals are okay. However, the answer is, as we’ve already pointed out, that there is so much diversity!

These 23 types and shapes of the vagina that we’re going to talk about in this article are all normal. The only abnormal thing would be to have pain, any discharge of strange color or appearance, or an uncharacteristic odor that is not pleasant. So, let’s take a look!

1. A bulging mons pubis

When the woman is naked but keeps her legs closed, standing or lying down, the labia and other details can’t be perceived. At most, we will only notice the hairs, if any, and a rounded prominence above the pubic bone.

This is called the mons pubis. It’s fatty tissue, and in some cases, it’s more protruding or bulging, indicating lipid accumulation. However, this has nothing to do with being overweight.

2. A heart-shaped vagina

In women who have more leg volume, as well as a bulging mons pubis, the shape of the vagina is like a heart, with the apex towards the thighs. An example of this can be seen in Goya’s famous painting Maja desnuda.

3. A V-shaped vagina

In slimmer, long-legged women, the impression given is that the outer shape of the vagina is that of a letter V and is somewhat elongated.

4. A V with space

In women who are even thinner, when they’re standing and without clothes, a small triangle or empty space can be seen through which you can see what’s behind it.

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5. A thick labia majora

When you open your legs, you may feel the fleshy flesh covering the vulva. These are the labia majora or outer lips. Inside are the labia minora or inner lips, which lead to the vaginal opening.

Just as there are different types and shapes of vagina, there are also different types of labia. The labia majora are usually thin-skinned and wrinkled. However, there are also cases where they are somewhat thick or swollen, with more fleshiness.

6. Closed labia majora

Generally, the outer labia are less folded. However, there are cases in which the labia are so closed that the labia minora are only visible when the skin is pulled away from the labia majora, so that the clitoris is also visible.

7. Curved outer lips

In other women, the labia majora may be curved, joining only at the ends. They will have a horseshoe or eye shape, which leaves the inner labia slightly exposed.

Mujer con vergüenza por la forma de su vagina.
Some women may feel self-conscious about their vagina not being normal. However, it’s most likely a common anatomical variation.

8. Visible inner labia

Sometimes, even if the outer labia are not curved or open, it may also happen that the inner labia are prominent and visible.

9. Asymmetrical inner lips

This refers to the fact that one inner lip is longer than the other. As in the other cases we have described, this asymmetry need not be a cause for concern.

10. Long or protruding labia majora

Although there is not much data on this, it’s worth noting that studies have been done on labia measurements. The average labia majora is estimated to be about 8 centimeters in circumference.

In some women, these outer lips may be even more prominent, leaving the skin loose. The folds may even be so exposed that they protrude through the woman’s underwear.

11. Small labia majora

Contrary to the above, there are outer labia that are also small. For this reason, they may not hide the labia minora completely.

12. Open outer lips

It may also be the case that the labia majora are slightly open or don’t close completely.

13. Protruding inner labia

If the name is anything to go by, the labia majora are supposed to be larger than the labia minora. However, this is not true in all cases.

Moreover, as strange as it may seem, the inner labia or labia minora often protrude. Some women don’t find this very pleasing, so they sometimes request that their labia minora hypertrophy be corrected with an operation.

14. Both the labia minora and the outer labia are the same size

The inner and outer labia can be the same size. Or even be both small.

When this occurs, the clitoral foreskin or the clitoris itself may be easily visible, without having to use fingers to pull the skin apart. This makes stimulation easier.

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15. An averaged sized vagina

As with the male organ, there’s a lot of variety regarding the size of the vagina. The average length has been estimated to be around 10 centimeters. However, it’s larger when the woman is aroused.

It’s also interesting to note that differences in length may be consistent with a woman’s height, but not necessarily with her weight.

16. A distended vagina

Occasionally, the duct may be wider or the musculature may feel loose. This is known as vaginal flaccidity. It may appear after childbirth, although this is not the only cause.

17. Lateral trajectory

The trajectory or inclination of the vagina can also vary somewhat. Some are slightly more lateralized than others. This also happens with the penises of some men.

18. A visible clitoris

In some women, the clitoris is more visible, either because of the size or because it’s less covered by a hood (the prepuce), located at the top of the vulva, where the labia minora meet.

19. A waxed vagina

When talking about types and shapes of the vagina, the absence or amount of pubic hair, as well as how it is trimmed, largely determines its appearance.

Some women prefer to wax the entire area. However, research indicates that this isn’t a very healthy thing to do. In addition to the fact that pubic hair helps to maintain the temperature, when it’s completely removed, there’s a greater propensity to suffer from infections.

Depilación afecta la forma de la vulva.
According to research, waxing the pubis isn’t a good idea, since a protective barrier is removed.

20. Little pubic hair

Other women prefer not to trim the hair completely, but leave a little. The amount depends on personal taste. In this regard, there are several styles:

  • Trimming the length of the hairs while leaving the natural shape
  • Leaving a single thin line in the center
  • A rounded speck on the mons pubis

21. Natural pubic hair

There are also those who prefer to leave it natural, without trimming. Of course, the abundance of hair will not be the same for everyone, nor will the color and texture.

22. A variety of colors

The color of the vulva also varies from one woman to another, although it’s common for the labia to be darker than the rest of the skin. This is because there is a greater abundance of melanocytes in the genital area.

And although this color is related to skin tone in general, there are other factors that may play a role, such as the following:

  • During arousal, blood flow increases
  • Hormonal imbalances and friction cause it to darken
  • A vaginal infection can cause the vulva to take on a purple hue

23. Little vaginal discharge

Vaginal secretions have the function of maintaining moisture, affecting the health of the tissues. When there’s poor discharge, dryness occurs, which affects sexual functioning.

When to see a doctor

The types or shapes of the vagina, as well as the size of the labia or mons pubis, should not be a cause for concern. However, a professional should be consulted when there’s a change of color or odor in the tissues, accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Lumps
  • Unusually heavy or frothy discharge
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Itching or burning of the vulva

Research in 2020 states that labia size does not affect sexual function or the ability to reach orgasm. However, it is possible that some women with labial hypertrophy may be sensitive and experience discomfort when having intercourse.

It may also be the case that the person feels embarrassed or uncomfortable with the appearance of her vagina.

On the other hand, when the vagina is small and the partner’s penis is large, there may be burning, pain and irritation. Of course, this does not mean that they should terminate the relationship. By proceeding carefully, finding the best position, and stimulating for lubrication, the impact can be minimized.

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