4 Techniques to Stimulate the Clitoris

· February 6, 2018
As well as stimulation techniques, communication with your partner is essential to reach climax and enjoy much more fulfilling sex

Trying to effectively fulfil the sexual needs of a woman and give her pleasure is not simple. In fact, it is not enough to have “good intentions” to achieve this objective. Thus, there are techniques for stimulating the clitoris that you mustn’t miss out.

We know that reaching the female orgasm is not an easy task. And, it takes great communication to achieve it.

However, we also know that stimulating the erogenous zones of your partner well can facilitate the process noticeably.

It’s essential to know the female anatomy. And, know its highly sensitive places full of sensations to achieve enjoyment for your partner.

Sure, it is different in every woman. And, there is no manual that sets out all the secrets. It can all be summarized as experimenting and innovating with each pleasureful movement on the clitoris.

Ideal stimulation of this area can bring your partner to orgasmFor this reason, we want to bring you the best 4 techniques for stimulating the clitoris.

Discover which techniques offer more pleasure

1. Gentle: little by little

The important thing is to remember some basic advice. Go little by little, taking time to admire and, at the same time, stimulate the feminine body is part of the key to success with this technique.

Remember that the clitoris is incredibly sensitive and due to precisely this quality it is recommended that you maintain a progressive rhythm in terms of the intensity of stimulation.

  • It is advisable to increase the frequency of the movements and give prolonged, wet kisses on the clitoris, all with total calm, to give more pleasure.

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2. It’s not like porn

Perhaps adult productions, better known as porn movies, can be stimulating for some couples and can help, to some extent, to break the ice.

However, it is important to bear in mind that they are still exaggerated and unrealistic performances.

If what you want is to offer an unforgettable cocktail of passion and orgasms, the technique that should lead is imagination and more caresses.

You should never overstimulate or be rough with the delicate area of the clitoris. Sometimes, less is more.

So, it is preferable to:

  • Separate the legs and give small kisses in the intimate feminine area.
  • Avoid strong or rough blows that would be uncomfortable and make stimulation difficult.
  • Maintain wet kisses for a prolonged time and give free reign to your imagination with regard to using your fingers.
  • Look at your partner while you stimulate the clitoris.

3. Sucking and stimulating with the tongue

Just like that, as it’s written. If you’ve fulfilled all the previous steps and the moment is right to implement a bit of rhythm and creativity, don’t hesitate to start sucking.

You’ll notice the increase in moans from your partner as you do so.

This technique consists of sucking the area of the clitoris with low pressure and keeping it in your mouth for short intervals, then giving small “taps” with the tip of your tongue as you notice how, due to the stimulation, the area swells a little.


  • You need to know the resistance to sensitivity that your partner can bear.
  • Apply this technique once the excitement of the first stages has been prolonged.
  • Don’t over apply the pressure that the tongue can offer the clitoris.
  • It can be combined, using one or several fingers at the same time as you carry out this practice.
  • As your hands are free, you can use them on other parts of the female body.

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4. Fingers, tongue and lubrication

If you’ve really warmed up and passion is in the air, the only limitation is that which arises due to lack of knowledge. So, when you apply this technique, while you suck the clitoris, use your fingers.

If you are giving the clitoris small licks and it doesn’t seem to be enough, the fingers and the lubrication offered by the tongue are the perfect ingredients to accelerate an orgasm loaded with a dose of pleasure and maximum stimulation.

How should you do this?

  • If you’ve already increased the speed and frequency of the tongue movements, accompany her pleasure with your fingers.
  • Little by little, you can start penetrating her with the fingers of one hand and use the other hand to make small (delicate) circles on her clitoris.
  • It is very stimulating to make little groans (even if your mouth is occupied) so that she feels more at ease and can easily yield to the stimulation.