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Rafael Victorino Muñoz


He has a degree in Language and Literature from the University of Carabobo. He has extensive experience as an undergraduate and postgraduate university teacher, and as a coordinator of programs and research. He is also a writer with national recognition in his country, as well as a facilitator of workshops and reading and writing activities.

About the author

He graduated with a degree in Language and Literature from the University of Carabobo and has a Master's degree in Reading and Writing from the same institution. He has worked as a teacher in the Psychopedagogy program, attached to the Faculty of Educational Sciences, and in the Postgraduate Studies Area.

He has also worked as a teacher in different higher education institutions in the country, such as the Arturo Michelena University and the Yaracuy National Experimental University, among others, and has taught in the areas of Psychopedagogy, Sports Sciences, and Food Science and Culture, in the Taeo Psychoeducational Organization, where he was also Research and Training Coordinator.

Added to this experience is his experience as coordinator of the reading and writing program for the Secretary of Education of the Carabobo State Government. He has published several books of stories such as 'Pretexts' and 'Dawn for two blind men and other maneuvers'. He has received awards in several literary competitions for his work as a writer,

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