Yerba Mate: The Migraine Enemy?

Yerba mate is recommend by alternative medicine professionals as the "migraine enemy". But is it really effective? Find out in this article.
Yerba Mate: The Migraine Enemy?

Last update: 12 May, 2022

What’s behind this ancient plant? Why do some people claim it’s the migraine enemy? In the next paragraphs, we’ll give you some information about it. You can check out for yourself if it’s worth trying.

People have used Yerba mate for many years as a drink with powerful energizing effects. In traditional medicine, it has been recommended for weight loss andfatigue in intellectual performance. And others use it as a treatment for depression and headaches; especially the very strong headaches that cause migraines.

Yerba mate has South American origins. People know it as the tea of the Jesuits. This plant is rich in alkaloid compounds that are very similar to caffeine. Therefore, it has stimulating effects. But due to its chemical composition its effects aren’t as strong and potent as coffee’s.

Is yerba mate the migraine enemy?

Some scientists believe that yerba mate may have the ability to soothe the symptoms of migraines due to its high content of alkaloids. Substances like caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline are clear examples of this.

Experts recommend consuming less than two hundred milligrams of alkaloids during the day to help with the symptoms of migraines.

Other scientists believe that the caffeine in yerba mate has the ability to relieve intense pain. This is because this substance bonds with adenosine receptors in our nerve cells. 

This neurotransmitter (adenosine) has the ability to dilate blood vessels found in the neck and head, which allows for a greater blood flow. It prevents pressure from building up, which is on of the cause for intense headaches.

Yerba mate drink is the migraine enemy
Drinking yerba mate combined with other herbs may help you lose weight by counteracting one of the main causes of this problem.

But you must keep in mind that people that drink a lot of caffeinated beverages can get bad headaches caused by the excess of this substance.

As with any other supposed miracle remedy, it’s best to ask your doctor about the causes behind your migraines to look for the appropriate treatment. But, remember you can try this supposed migraine enemy to see if it helps with your symptoms. At the end of the day, infusions do tend to have many benefits for our health.

Image courtesy of Gloria Arbonés.

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