Why Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar? Know the Benefits

Apple cider vinegar is an organic product that provides interesting benefits to the skin. Thanks to its contributions of acids and antioxidant compounds it is ideal to eliminate spots and pimples or acne.
Why Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar? Know the Benefits
Maricela Jiménez López

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Last update: 09 October, 2022

Apple cider vinegar is one of the organic products  that we can take advantage multiple ways at home. Although it’s known for its culinary uses, it also has applications as a home remedy and beauty product.
In this article, we want to highlight its properties as an ally for skin care. While there are many conventional products for this purpose, the application of this natural ingredient provides interesting benefits.

In fact, in recent years, it has gained much fame. Now, many celebrities recognize it as their “secret” to being radiant. In addition, it’ s a product that’s available to all, since it is very cheap and easy to get at any supermarket.
Do you know why it’s good to wash your face with apple cider vinegar? If you still don’t include it in your beauty routine , don’t miss out. Here, we’ll talk about several reasons to start using it.

The benefits of washing your face with apple cider vinegar

Due to its concentration of organic compounds and antioxidants, apple cider vinegar is a good complement for radiant skin. Its external application can serve as an alternative to some commercial cleaners, since it offers similar benefits:

It fights excess fat

The organic acids contained in apple cider vinegar help regulate your skin’s pH to decrease excess fat production. These substances give it a powerful astringent effect that diminishes the bright and dirty appearance.

It reduces acne

By washing your face with apple cider vinegar, you can remove the residues that are retained inside the pores.
Therefore, its regular application is an alternative solution against blackheads and acne or pimples.

It clarifies age spots

Spots on face

This ingredient contains alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHA compounds. These have the ability to remove dead cells that cause staining. Therefore, once your face absorbs them, they activate your circulation and the cell regeneration process.

It relieves burns

Facial cleansing with apple cider vinegar also minimizes the damage that comes from by sunburn or accidental sunburn.
Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its direct use decreases the burning and accelerates recovery.

It acts as a tonic

In addition, another interesting reason to wash your face with apple cider vinegar is that it serves as an alternative to tonics .
The absorption of its acetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids minimizes dilated pores. In addition, it tones the tissues to prevent flaccidity and premature wrinkles.

It prevents infections

The antimicrobial and antimicrobial compounds that concentrate on this ingredient help protect your skin against the agents that cause infections.
In addition, it’s suitable for sensitive skin and has soothing effects that reduce allergies.

How to wash your face with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Don’t worry: it’s easy to do!
All you have to do is buy 100% pure apple cider vinegar, since refined presentations do not have the same nutritional quality.
  • Unpasteurized or filtered vinegar contains natural enzymes, pectins and oligoelements that are key to the treatment of the skin.
  • Naturally, it’s not exclusive for culinary use. It’s also suitable for topical applications and medicinal preparations.
  • Normally, its appearance is more cloudy at the bottom of the bottle and its aroma is a little stronger.


  • 5 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar (75 ml)
  • 1 cup of cold water (250 ml)


  • Dilute the tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water.

Note : You’ll always have to combine it with water, since its acids are strong and can irritate your skin if you use them directly.

Application mode

  • In the evening, just after removing your makeup, spray the treatment all over your face.
  • It’s best to do a small test on one of the areas of  yourskin to verify that it doesn’t produce unwanted reactions (remember that all skin types are different).
  • If there’s no problem, rub it with gentle massages all over your skin, until it’s well absorbed.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • Repeat its application for 5 days in a row, rest 2 and restart it.

Are you worried about the smell? That’s not a problem! By diluting the product in water, it will be significantly reduced. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try its properties for yourself! 

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