What Your Nails Say About Your Personality

Find out what the shape and colour of your nails say about your personality.
What Your Nails Say About Your Personality

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Did you know that both the color of your varnish and the shape of your nails say a lot about your personality? In this article, we’ll take a look at what your nails say about your personality.

Nail Varnish Color

When it comes to painting their nails, many women don’t realize what your nails say about your personality.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Blue says that they’re confident in themselves, true to their word, and ethical. It’s not an attractive color for everyone, and therefore they’ll only attract people with a strong personality.
  • Black hides a mysterious character. Just like blue, many people don’t like it, but it will attract intelligent and curious people. This color is also powerful, formal, and elegant.
  • Brown is not often used in manicures, which makes it easy to distinguish. This color is worn by people who prefer simplicity, who make friends easily, and who need to get to know people really well before they trust them.
  • Silver nails show mysticism and are worn by strong, emotional, feminine people. It tends to be associated with a strong intuition and these women are guided by it. These women also never deceive their friends.
  • Pink denotes a fun and playful character who doesn’t want to leave their childhood behind. It also marks more femininity and a joyful and affectionate spirit.
A collection of nail varnishes
  • Another well-known color is red and, of course, we all know that red is the color of passion. It’s worn by people who are sure of themselves, romantic, and sensual.
  • Yellow is the color of the sun and therefore is worn by people full of joy and happiness. Women who wear it give off warmth and a feeling of optimism.

The Shape of Your Nails

The shape also impacts what your nails say about your personality. There are 7 distinct shapes and each one denotes a different personality.

Rectangular and Flat Nails

Firstly, there are long, rectangular nails, which are a sign of a woman who is joyful and sure of herself. She’s also someone who wants to know the world and have new experiences. Not only that, she’s meticulous and always makes an effort to do things correctly.

Straight and rectangular nails belong to hard workers with their feet firmly on the ground. They’re natural leaders and they make no jokes about responsibility. They’re always ready to do a good job and finish it (without forgetting to relax and enjoy themselves when they’ve finished).

Wide and flat nails correspond to people with a lucid and analytical personality. They tend to have good criteria for judging people and deciding who to trust. Furthermore, they’re studious and have a taste for artisan things, creating new things themselves. However, they also prefer utility over beauty and like difficult problems that make them think.

Round and Short Nails

On the other hand, there are short, rounded nails, associated with people with a strong, creative character who are rarely dramatic. They make friends easily because of their energy and friendly nature. They’re also adventurous, daring, and fearless.

People who bite their nails have nails which are uneven and short, which shows that they’re empathetic and like to observe. They’re also completely honest. These nails also reflect nervousness since although they appear calm, on the inside they’re a whirlwind of emotion.


Someone with manicured nails learning what your nails say about your personality

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Triangular and Oval Nails

When it comes to triangular nails, these denote a bold and determined personality. These people are passionate and tenacious and always know what they want. They can sometimes seem agitated but they gladly accept a challenge.

Finally, long oval nails are a sign of a highly creative personality who has an affinity with nature. They love beauty and have a certain liking for responsibility. These people always immerse themselves in projects which they like doing. They like to love and do so sincerely, putting everything into whatever they’re doing.

Many parts of our look say things about us. Now you know what your nails say about your personality! Did it surprise you?

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