Vegetables that Help Improve Kidney Function

Did you know that onions, besides preventing the accumulation of fat in our body, promote blood circulation? They also stimulate kidney function.

Your diet should always reflect the best of nature’s power to affect and improve your body. And your kidneys, essential organs whose function affects your quality of life, deserve no less than the best nutrition. Your food intake should always include those nutrients, especially vegetables, that have the power to improve your kidney function.

Vegetables that improve kidney health

The best of health is achieved through a healthy and balanced diet. Avoiding fats, foods heavily processed and excess elements, such as salt and sugar, are the first steps in caring for your kidneys.

If you’re looking for a change in your diet that can make a positive difference in your health, medical experts and nutritionists will always recommend certain foods whose benefits stand out among their peers with their powers to cleanse, purify, protect and improve the performance of your kidneys. Those foods, which you’ll find below, include vegetables that can stimulate your organs to function at their best.

1. Asapargus


That powerful smell your urine takes on after you eat asparagus is only one of the side effects that this powerful green holds. The presence of asparagine in asparagus, which causes that strong smell, also has a cleansing effect on the kidney. To keep your kidneys strong and healthy you’ll be sure to add asparagus to your regular diet. As an added benefit you’l find that you get an extra dose of vitamins and minerals from asparagus. And they’re fat free and chock full of vegetable protein. Asaparagus are powerful sources of antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and fiber. And besides, who can say no to such a tasty treat?

2. Red bell peppers

Red Bell Pepper Benefits

Got a craving for red bell peppers? Thanks to their content of potassium, red bell peppers are the perfect kidney friendly veggie. And to boost their appeal, red bell peppers contain licopene, vitamins A, C, B6, folic acid and fiber in the vegetable flesh.

For a kidney friendly meal, add tuna to some chopped bell peppers or toss some in your favorite salad or stir fry.

3. Cabbage


Capable of fighting free radicals in your system, cabbages are one of those powerful greens, like broccoli, that are not only tasty but rich in phytochemicals. Free of potassium, both your liver and kidneys will benefit by adding cabbage to your diet. The extra dose of vitamins K and C, along with its high concentration of fiber, B6 and folic acid, make this a food you can’t possibly pass up.

4. Cauliflower


A tasty green that holds the same properties as cabbage, cauliflower is an excellent addition to your kidney-friendly diet. Try it in place of mashed potatoes, in salads, raw or stewed with vinegar and oil. With its high content of vitamin C and fiber, cauliflowers are just as nutritious as they are tasty. Your plate will boast a green rich in folic acid and fiber which helps cleanse and strengthen your kidneys, and which can help your liver neutralize toxins found in your body. Add them regularly to your meals, whether at home or dining out.

5. Garlic, best natural medicine


Garlic is a well-known and age-old natural remedy, with the power to reduce inflammation, fight infection, cleanse, lower cholesterol and as a natural antibiotic. Garlic also possesses the right amount of antioxidants and anti-coagulants your body needs. 

You don’t have to worry about how to cook it, boiling doesn’t affect its properties. Garlic can be used to cook a lot of delicious meals, like in rice and different sauces… It is impossible to be without.

6. Onion, an age-old remedy


Looking for a food that can help cleanse your body without leaving your food flavorless? Onions are the perfect food for you; rich in flavonoids like quercetin, which help your body eliminate toxins and chemicals you both ingest and which are found naturally in your body, such as fat. Onions help keep your arteries clear of clogging fats and boost blood circulation. Your kidneys will also reap the benefits of a diet which includes onions as they help protect your kidney and stimulate healthy organ function, in addition to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Toss them in a salad, and you’ll see that onions can make the perfect compliment to any meal. Suited to your renal health, onions are low in potassium, and can help your metabolism process protein and carboyhydrates.

If you’re looking for a healthy change in diet to help improve your kidney health, try incorporating a few of these recommended vegetables. Fresh, raw, in salads or stews, you’ll find the tasty alternatives they offer make a giant difference in your overall health.




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