Valentina Zenere Shares Her 8 Beauty and Makeup Secrets

One of Valentina's tricks is to be inspired by her favorite stars, such as Pamela Anderson or Hailey Bieber. Discover all the secrets that the "Elite" actress has to shine.
Valentina Zenere Shares Her 8 Beauty and Makeup Secrets

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Last update: 15 December, 2023

Valentina Zenere, star of the series Élite, not only dazzles on screen with her talent as an actress – she’s also known for being the face of the world’s leading makeup and style brands. It’s no secret that the Argentinean actress, who has a devotion to cosmetics and trends, shines wherever she goes thanks to her ability to be an it girl.

In this article, we bring you eight makeup tips and secrets that the artist has revealed in various interviews and shown on her social networks. Follow these tricks to shine on any occasion.

Learn Valentina Zenere’s 8 beauty tips

Explore the keys that have made Valentina Zenere a reference in the art of looking flawless. Let’s take a look at some of the makeup and clothing routines that the actress follows on a daily basis.

1. Moisturize your face very well

Moisturizing is necessary to balance the water levels in the skin and prepare the face to handle external agents, such as makeup. Therefore, in any makeup routine, hydration is one of the most important steps. Valentina Zenere has been using moisturizer since she was very young: it was her mother who instilled this habit in her and her sister.

Dermatology experts recommend applying moisturizer on a daily basis to prevent dryness, make the skin more resistant, and improve your overall appearance.

2. Choose a make-up, according to the occasion

Valentina Zerene and her make-up.

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Versatility is everything, and every occasion requires a particular make-up. For a photo shoot, Valentina chose a sophisticated and simple makeup look, with a foundation made with concealers and creamy contouring. As for the look, she decided to use a gradient in gray tones and pink shadow. The lips have a glossy but discreet brown liner. The result? A supernatural finish that’s ideal for an evening with friends.

Instead, for another session she decided to use an intense look that highlighted her weyes. She used black eyeliner around the eyes and black eye shadow, and applied black eyeliner also in the water zone (the wet area between the lashes and the eyeball). In this way, she obtained an effect of strength and energy in the look. This option is perfect for a night out.

3. Use a lot of pink

Valentina Zenere made up in pink tones.

Pink is associated with creativity, beauty, and femininity. The Élite star has decided, in this case, to use the same tone on her cheekbones, eyelids, and lips.

A good idea is to maintain consistency and also wear clothes in pink tones, achieving a total pink. However, it’s also not a bad idea to play with colors that match this tone, such as mint or yellow.

4.v Use blusher as a highlighter

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The Argentine actress uses a blusher as a highlighter, achieving a lifting effect on her face and making it look like it’s naturally illuminated. To achieve this result, she applies it on the highest area of the cheekbones, from the eye outwards. In the end, get a metallic and pigmented finish at the same time.

Keep in mind that you should choose a formula that is soft and no more than two or three shades lighter than your skin’s natural blush. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for you to blend it out and you’ll struggle to find a natural effect.

5. Apply mascara

Valentina Zenere se arquea las pestañas.
Valentina Zenere arches her lashes.

Mascara is a brush that allows you to subtly separate and curl your lashes, giving a very elegant touch to your face. Its effect varies in intensity and volume, but the main goal is to bring more visibility to your lashes and give an energetic touch to your look.

Valentina Zenere doesn’t negotiate when it comes to applying mascara: she likes to do it herself, and considers it one of the most sacred moments in her entire makeup routine.

6. She adds volume to her lips

Valentina Zenere is a very elegant actress.

If you apply volume to your lips, you will get an effect of definition and fleshiness. There are many natural treatments to have fuller lips, such as good skin exfoliation or moisturizing balms for dry lips. However, makeup is still one of the most helpful techniques to achieve this effect.

One of Valentina Zenere’s make-up artists explained that the secret is to outline the corners of the lips towards the central part, going out a few millimeters from the corners and marking along the natural line of the lip.

7. She dares to wear a fashionable executive look

Instagram @valentinazenere.

Not everything is makeup in Valentina Zenere’s routine to be an it girl. Equally important is the outfit she chooses, whether it’s for an event, going out to a party, or for a photo shoot. In this case, the actress opted for an executive look, with a suit consisting of a skirt and a striped blouse in shades of gray, a white bodysuit, and heels.

This very formal outfit has a contemporary touch, as Valentina chose to wear glasses reminiscent of the 2000s, an era that seems to have taken over the fashion industry with the low shot, short tops, or denim miniskirts.

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8. She seeks inspiration from her favorite stars

Instagram @valentinazenere. Valentina wore tousled eighties updo known as the Pammy updo at the Venice International Film Festival. 

For the Venice International Film Festival, Valentina decided to take inspiration from some of her fashion references. For this, she used a tousled eighties updo known as the Pammy updo and popularized by Pamela Anderson.

As for the nails, she used the effect made known by model Hailey Bieber, the glazed donut nails or glazed nails, something transparent and a bit iridescent. This is a very timeless look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Follow these beauty tips and shine wherever you go!

What do you think of these beauty tips? There’s no doubt that Argentinean Valentina Zenere has an ace up her sleeve for any occasion, and she is truly passionate about cosmetics and beauty routines.

In addition to makeup and clothes, the actress also takes into consideration a balanced diet and dedicates time to exercise, reinforcing the idea that taking care of your body is essential to look and feel good. We encourage you to follow Valentina Zenere’s tips and you too will shine on any occasion!

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