Uses for Recycled Tin Cans

In this article, we'll tell you 5 uses for tin cans which can be unique pretty, and original.
Uses for Recycled Tin Cans

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Recycled tin cans can be a great basis for a number of creative projects. Recycling things has become a worldwide movement that’s gaining more momentum every day.

This important practice, as well as being good for the planet, also presents a chance to save money on decorations and ornaments in your home and garden.

Recycling has allowed people to let their imagination fly and carry out wonderful and extremely inspiring hand-crafted projects.

Need and ingenuity has led us to see waste or used objects as potentially useful items. All you need is a little creativity and to get to work.

One such object which can be very useful is the tin can, or drinks can. You’ll find them in the kitchen, shed, garage, and other places, taking up unnecessary space.

The conservation of the planet is everybody’s responsibility

Uses for Recycled Tin Cans

A collection of recycled tin cans

When it comes to maintaining and decorating the home, people generally go for the easy option and throw many things away.

But have you ever stopped to consider that you’re throwing money away? Tin cans are used by recycling companies as a raw material to make new products.

If you organise a method of sorting your waste at home, you can take advantage of this and recover a bit of that money!

But as well as this, you can also employ a bit of ingenuity and creativity and turn these unused objects or utensils into something more practical in your home.

You just need to imagine how you can modify them and give them colour and shape to suit your tastes, making them more functional and pleasant to look at.

From lamps to flower pots, to kitchen utensils and containers, and many others, people have come up with plenty of creative ways to use recycled tin cans.

Recycled Tin Can Containers

Someone holding an open drinks can

Using recycled tin cans to make containers is the most basic (and common) way to use them. This is because it requires a lot less work.

To do this you just need, firstly, to decide what you’re going to keep in them so that you know what sort of size you’re thinking about.

Containers are really useful for sorting the kitchen or the garage.

Maybe you want to make a container for storing biscuits, knives, or cutlery in the kitchen, or even make a waste bin.

This being the case you simply need to take the tin can, empty it completely, wash it, make sure there are no remaining residues, and clean off any adhesives used for labels.

Then make sure the edges of the tin can aren’t sharp or irregular so that you don’t cut yourself. If there are some sharp edges you will need to file them down, or you can use a small hammer to knock them into the inside of the can. That way you’ll have some perfectly smooth edges.

Once clean and you’ve taken care of the edges, you can decorate it to suit your tastes. To do this you could use acrylic or oil-based paint, spray paint or with brushes. You could also line it with fabric or tape, depending on what you’re going to store inside.

Recycled Tin Can Lamps

The top of an open drinks can

Another very functional use for recycled tin cans is to make a showy lamp, which can often have an impact for its simplicity or the fact that you made it yourself.

To make a lamp, you can decide on the materials, as it depends on what sort of look you want it to have. But basically, you need a large tin that can accommodate a bulb (without touching the sides as it’ll heat the tin), a bulb holder, cable, switch, and some electrical tape.

Depending on your needs or your design, you can do things to the tin. You could make holes in it, so that spots of light shine out of the sides. You can even paint it in your favourite colours, as well as other changes.

Remember only you can place limits on what you can do with recycled tin cans. Let your creativity and imagination rein free!

Look around you and start looking for the materials you need to create something new. You’ll see a whole world of opportunity open in front of you.

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