7 Tips to Be More Organized at Home

Even though you feel comfortable with your mess, being more organized can give you benefits, even at a psychological level. This is because it gives you a state of calm and lets you think better.
7 Tips to Be More Organized at Home

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Disorder has a deeper impact than just leaving things lying here and there. It’s a “lifestyle” that many times can cause confusion and tension.

Because of this, in the following article, we want to give you some tips to help you organize your house. These pieces of advice can translate to other environments, like work, for instance.

Disorder is a learned behavior

For some people, being disorganized is a benefit. This is because they don’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning up. Also, in the chaos, they can find things much more quickly.

However, to be able to have a well-kept house and have a better family life, it’s always better to put things where they belong. This makes things more efficient.
Your mind needs order to think better. Because of this, if you have an office or a desk that’s covered in papers, folders, and books, it’ll be easier to get distracted. As a result, you aren’t paying attention like you should.

These tips to be more organized at home have many benefits. Of course, it’s a habit that you need to change. It’ll take you time and effort to do so. However, you’ll definitely see the perks.

There’s nothing better than getting home and everything is put away where it should be. Or, when people visit, you don’t have to worry about hiding half of your things in a closet!

Organization takes time. No one can deny that.

However, once you’re used to it, you can be more organized in any environment. This includes getting rid of tension and feeling less stressed.

Advice for being more organized

Next weekend, take a few hours to organize your house and put everything where it belongs. Of course, then you need to maintain the habit. However, when you see how nice everything looks, you’ll want to make an effort to avoid ever being disorganized.

1. Start with just one place

Tips to be more organized

If you want you home to stay perfect, you can’t organize all of your rooms at the same time.

Start with a specific spot, like your living room. You should start with the room you first enter when coming home. (It could be your kitchen depending on your home.)

  • Look at the things that are out of place and put them where they belong.
  • Take things from other areas back to where they belong. Then, you can take care of them when you move to the next room.

2. Give everything a specific place

Just keep cooking utensils and food in your kitchen, books and magazines in your library, clothes and shoes in your closet, etc… The good thing about determining a specific spot for everything is that it’ll be easier to find later.

If you need a coat, look for it near the door, not on the sofa. This will save you a lot of time when you’re in a rush and you can’t find what you want.

3. Follow an organizational plan

Follow an organizational plan

You can also have a cleaning plan for each room. For instance, put all of your dirty clothes in a hamper and put them in the washing machine. Or, put all of your trash in a bag, make the bed, put clean clothes in the closet, and put the furniture where it belongs.

If you follow a plan for each room, cleaning will be much easier. Don’t forget, to be more organized, you need a strategy. This way, you won’t spend all weekend cleaning.

4. Throw away things you don’t use

You probably have a lot of things you don’t use. They could be old or, for one reason or another, they aren’t necessary anymore.

This is a good time to throw them away. You can also get them repaired or donate them to an organization.

Accumulating things is one of the triggers of disorder. This is because things that don’t have a specific place end up on the floor, on a chair, or in a corner.

5. Clean things that are barely dirty

Clean things that are barely dirty

One of the rules of an organized home is “If you use it, put it back. Wash what you get dirty. Organize what you make disorderly.” Everyone in the family needs to do this.

When your house is clean and everything is put away, keeping it this way can be the most difficult. However, it’s all a question of changing your habits. You also need to understand the benefits of organization.

6. Use boxes or file cabinets

Many times, you have things you don’t want to throw away or donate because they’re very sentimental. This could also be because they may be necessary, even if you don’t use them often.

It’s a good idea to buy decorated boxes or re-purpose boxes for other things (like appliances). This way, you keep yourself from being surrounded by clutter.

Don’t forget to label them so that you know what’s in the boxes. Then, put them under your bed or up high in your closet. You can also put them in your garage or on some shelves.

7. Buy some furniture

Buy some furniture

Maybe the problem with your mess is that you don’t have enough places to put things.

This doesn’t mean that you should fill your home with furniture, or even that your furniture should be the excuse for you to keep buying things you don’t need.

However, this might solve the problem of having to shove everything into a closet.

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