6 Signs of Negative Energies You Should try to Clean

Negative energy can prevent you from enjoying the good in each moment and generate greater discomfort. Therefore, you must learn to deal with them in the best possible way.
6 Signs of Negative Energies You Should try to Clean

Last update: 30 May, 2022

The feeling that an environment is “charged”, emotional discomfort, and fatigue can be attributed to negative energies. According to popular beliefs, they appear as a consequence of resentment, envy, and other emotions that haven’t been managed correctly and built up.

Since this discomfort ends up affecting your mood in one way or another, some people perform cleansing rituals (which is a type of catharsis) to “release” negative energies and make room for a healthier environment.

Rituals can consist of dancing, cleaning your house in a certain way, going for a run, laughing, drawing, painting… everyone chooses the option that works best for them.

Below, we share six signs that there are accumulated negative energies and that it’s time to release them in order to feel better.

1. You’re constantly in a bad mood

A woman in a bad mood due to negative energy.

Being constantly angry and finding only the negative in everything you do and experience is a sign that something isn’t right with you and that you’re carrying, even without realizing it, an unresolved internal discomfort.

If anger doesn’t allow you to live calmly and only causes you problems, it’s time for you to take a break and find a way to resolve your conflict with yourself. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself in the process. And if you need to, go see a psychologist.

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2. You’re constantly complaining

Sometimes, it’s inevitable to complain about some things to vent. Now, when this becomes a constant in your life, you may build up negative energies, as a result of the stress of your routine.

Complaining about situations or people isn’t bad, as long as it doesn’t become a way of life. Remember that, although complaining may bring some relief, it isn’t enough for long-term wellness.

Put the measures you need to feel better into practice. Do you need to break youe routine? Start practicing a physical activity that you like, such as zumba or some type of dance. Do you need to go out more? Try to walk for half an hour every day. Do you need to connect with other people? Join a course and make new friends.

Keep in mind that you have the power to design your reality.

3. Extreme fatigue

Extreme fatigue (physical and mental) that doesn’t go away with a good night’s sleep can not only be a sign that you’re not getting the nutrients you need and that something isn’t right with your health. It can also be a symptom that you’re charged with negative energies.

4. You have a hard time socializing

Although it isn’t always the case, it’s possible that, if you have accumulated negative energies, you may have a hard time interacting efficiently with other people and even with yourself. As we mentioned above, when everything bothers you and it’s difficult for you to see the positive in each moment and situation, social difficulties may arise.

Paying attention, practicing active listening, managing criticism effectively, and interpreting what others are saying to you can be difficult when you’re saturated. Conversations exhaust you, you feel that others aren’t pleased with you (or even make fun of you), and every word they say to you (and you say tot them) causes you discomfort and concern.

Take a break, reconnect with yourself, let go of the bad, and start over. It’s worth it!

5.  You suffer from tension and headaches

A woman with a headache.

A headache is usually one of the most obvious signs of emotional distress. People often say that it’s a sign that you’re charged with negative energies and that you should do “a cleansing”.

If you believe that this is your case, try to find relief. Meditate, dance, play sports, go for a walk, or play with your pet. Simply avoid ruminant thoughts and a body full of tension.

Doing pleasant activities, surrounding yourself with positive people, and resorting to relaxation techniques whenever necessary are some of the best remedies in these cases.

Take a break, reconnect with yourself, let go of the bad, and start over. It’s worth it!

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6. You have more fights

Having a hard time solving problems through dialogue, feeling constantly attacked, maintaining a defensive attitude towards everything, and fighting over anything are signs that you’ve accumulated negative energies.

When you’re saturated, you aren’t only bad to yourself, you’re also bad to others. You’re more prone to misinterpretation, friction, and fighting. Therefore, you need to find a way to relieve yourself in order to be able to be okay with others again.

Give yourself time to reconnect with yourself, regain your balance and talk with whoever you need to to clear the bad vibes.

Negative energies are overwhelming you? Change that!

A woman in therapy.

As negative energies can affect your well-being, it’s important for you to recognize their signs and make the respective adjustments to prevent them from persisting over time and continuing to cause you discomfort.

If you consider that you need help to manage your discomfort, you should go see a psychologist. The professional won’t judge nor reproach you for anything. Instead, they can help you better manage your thoughts and emotions so that you can get what you want and feel good with yourself.

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