Twins Born in Different Years, One in 2021 and the Other in 2022

These twins were at the center of an exceptional event during their birth - find out all the details!
Twins Born in Different Years, One in 2021 and the Other in 2022

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Last update: 30 April, 2023

While the vast majority of people are enjoying the holidays on December 31st with their families, many others are experiencing one of the best moments of their lives. This is what happened to Fatima Madrigal and Robert Trujillo, a married couple who live in California and, at that moment, they were ready to welcome two babies. They were expecting twins, but who could have thought they would have twins born in different years?!

Fatima was in labor during the day and as the last hours of the year approached, she was ready to give birth. However, the surprising outcome made these births the sensation of the hospital.

The woman who had twins born in different years.

Here’s what happened on the night that the parents and doctors involved will never forget.

The twins born in different years

At 11.45 p.m. on the night of December 31st, Fatima delivered Alfredo, her first twin baby. He was born without complications, weighing 2 kilos and 700 grams (6 lbs).

After that, the event that caught everyone’s attention at the hospital took place. Aylín, the second baby, was born exactly 15 minutes after her brother.

As a result, a situation occurred that almost never happens. The first twin came into the world in 2021, while the second came into the world in 2022.

This is exceptional, since twins usually have the same birthday. However, these two won’t only celebrate their birthdays on different days and months, but also in different years.

Natividad Medical Center couldn’t hide its surprise at this exceptional event. So much so, that through their Twitter account they welcomed Aylín as the first baby born in 2022 and stated that the possibility of such cases is 1 in 2 million.

Some twins.

In addition, Ana Abril, one of the doctors in charge of the delivery, declared that this was one of the most exciting births of her career. The two children arrived in the world healthy and were the stars of an iconic event.

For the parents, it was the best way to close and start the year.

Final reflection

Births are extraordinary moments for parents and health professionals. For together they give their all to provide for the baby’s well-being and they can be the main witnesses of unprecedented situations.

And in this exciting situation, it’s as if the second baby waited for the clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve, in order to be born in the first seconds of a brand New Year.

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