3 Treatments to Get Healthy, Shiny Hair

Whether or not you have shiny hair depends on many factors: bad habits, environmental pollution, the products you use, etc. What can you do to get healthy and strong hair? Find out more in this article!
3 Treatments to Get Healthy, Shiny Hair

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Shiny hair is undoubtedly the dream of every woman – and many men, too! However, if you want to have shiny hair, it has to be healthy and strong. With that being said, many factors prevent this from happening.

Let’s take a closer look.

How to get healthy, shiny hair

Environmental pollution, stress, cold, heat, the hairdryer, or the straightening iron all affect hair health. That is why a hair care routine is becoming increasingly necessary.

In addition to the products that you can find on the market, there are some daily habits to help you get shiny hair that’s also strong and healthy. Keep reading to find out about three tips you can use to take better care of your hair.

Get shiny hair: Know how to shampoo

To get shiny hair, washing it is a fundamental step in the hair beauty routine. The first important thing is the water temperature. It’s very important that you wash your hair with warm water, not hot or cold water. Cold water won’t get rid of the grease and hot water will damage your hair.

Then, the classic advice to rinse out your hair with cold water is, indeed, totally valid. Cold water stimulates circulation and seals the cuticle, which makes the hair shine.

As for the shampoo, many people believe that they should change shampoo products often so that the hair does not get used to it. This is not always entirely true. If you discover a shampoo that works for your hair, it’s best to continue using it.

Another important point is not to rub the hair too hard when washing it. This could stimulate the sebaceous glands and produce more oil in the hair.

Finally, when rinsing your hair, it’s a good idea to put your head back and run your fingers as if you were combing it to remove the remnants of shampoo. This simple gesture will also make your hair shine!

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Wash hair daily to get shiny hair

In order to have shiny and thick hair, it is important to pay attention to what you’re doing when you wash your hair.

How to brush your hair

Brushing hair is a fundamental gesture in the daily routine. It should be done at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. It is also recommended to brush it always before washing it. This will prevent the hair from becoming too tangled when wet, making it more difficult for the shampoo to get into all your strands.

Experts also recommend brushing your hair 10 to 20 times at night before bed. If possible, it should be done with a natural bristle brush. Brushing exfoliates the scalp and helps remove all product residue. In addition, it favors blood circulation and leaves hair much brighter.

Homemade treatments for shiny hair

There are many special hair care products on the market. You can also choose to go to a beauty salon and get special treatment for brighter hair. To find a cheaper solution, there is also a very effective homemade solution. You can make your own treatments with natural products.

Aloe for shiny hair
Natural treatments made with aloe vera or olive oil help rehydrate the hair strands to replenish their natural shine.

Aloe vera

One of the best treatments for shiny hair is aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural product with incredible properties: it helps promote hair growth, hydrates the hair, and keeps it shiny.

To make it, mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel (which you can extract directly from the leaf) with two tablespoons of water and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Then, apply this mixture to wet hair after washing it.

Olive oil

The olive oil mask is also very effective if you want to get shiny hair. Due to its high content of nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, olive oil helps to repair hair damage, hydrate hair and leave it shiny.

To prepare this mask, heat two or three tablespoons of olive oil until it is warm. Next, apply it to your scalp, massage your scalp gently, then let act for 15 minutes.

While the oil is acting in your hair, it is recommended to cover your head with a warm towel to enhance the effect. Then, wash your hair normally. You can apply this mask once or twice a week.

By following these tips, you’ll have strong, shiny hair before you know it!

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