Tips To Keep Clothes from Accumulating in Your Closet

An accumulation of clothes doesn't just take away closet space, but also your energy. In this article we'll tell you the best tips to avoid having clothes you don't wear.
Tips To Keep Clothes from Accumulating in Your Closet

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Marie Kondo and her teachings have crossed borders. If you’ve decided to reorganize your home, we’ll give you the best tips to keep clothes from accumulating in your closet.
Many people save clothes “just in case”. It might be because they remind you of happy times, because you think they’ll fit again, or simply because getting rid of things is hard.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading these tips to keep unnecessary clothes from accumulating in your closet. They’re very useful!

Tips to keep clothes from accumulating

Before starting, make sure you have enough time, because to do your first task – a deep cleaning of your closet – you’ll need it!

Now then, let’s get to work with these tips to keep clothes from accumulating in your closet.

1. Empty your closet to keep clothes from accumulating

The first step to keeping clothes from accumulating in your closet is to see which outfits you have. Refreshing your memory will help you avoid impulse buys and avoid ending up with two or more similar outfits that don’t add anything to your wardrobe.

2. Choose which clothes you want to keep

An organized closet.
Be critical: Do you really wear that garment, or are you saving it because of nostalgia?

Get rid of any clothes that don’t feel good to you, don’t bring you happiness, are too small (or too big), are worn out, or that you haven’t worn for a long time.

It’s time to abandon the “just in case.” Donate the clothes that for whatever reason you don’t wear anymore, without thinking about if you might need them in two or three years.

Here’s a trick to pick your clothes: Ask yourself if you feel comfortable and attractive wearing them. The question is if you like them now, not when you first bought them.

Each piece of clothing that you save should fit your style and be comfortable functional. You should be sure that you’re going to wear it!

3. Don’t hesitate to recycle clothes or separate them to reuse

If the article is broken and can’t be fixed, take it out of your closet. You can bring it to be recycled or reuse it for crafts. A torn shirt can be used to make doll’s clothes for your child, to sew a patchwork quilt, or to take a piece to decorate a homemade shopping bag.

If you’re crafty and like to sew, you can make new clothes combining various pieces that you don’t wear anymore. You just need a little skill, creativity, and imagination.

4. Organize your clothes well

Organize your clothes.
Organizing your closet is fundamental to keep clothes from accumulating.

To wear your clothes, you have to be able to see them!

For this reason, we recommend you take as much time as you need to organize your closet so that you’ll be able to see every article of clothing that you have.

  • Avoid piles of clothes: Putting separators or boxes in drawers or on shelves will help you to properly organize your clothes. Fold your clothes as small as you can so that you can see everything you have.
  • Hang delicate garments on hangers in sets. If you don’t have much space, it’s time to make a decision. Additionally, you can make more space in your closet if you connect two hangers with a soda can tab.
  • Store your shoes in pairs. You can even store them in boxes with photos on the front. That way, it will be easier to stack them and save space.

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5. Change your clothes each season

Why should you keep coats in your closet in the summer?

Take a day to make seasonal changes. You can store the clothes you won’t use in the coming months in sealed bags. That way, you can better see everything you have in your closet.

6. Only buy what you need to keep clothes from accumulating

Buy only what you need to keep from accumulating clothes.
Buy only what you need to keep from accumulating clothes.

Avoid the temptation of sales. We know that sometimes you’ll want to buy a cheap shirt because you can’t miss the sale. However, you have to change these habits to not fall into the same traps that caused you to accumulate clothes in the first place.

Buy only what you need and indulge yourself every once in a while, but always keeping in mind that you’ll use what you buy and it won’t end up at the bottom of your closet.

Did you find our tips for keeping clothes from accumulating in your closet useful? The first step is to make up your mind and change your habits! With a little willpower, you can do it!

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