Tips Before Buying a Chaise Lounge Sofa

The chaise lounge sofa is a practical, beautiful and adaptable option to any decor. As you may already know, adding a new piece of furniture to the house is not a decision you should make right away. It is necessary to search calmly until you find seats whose characteristics suit the room that will receive it.
Tips Before Buying a Chaise Lounge Sofa

Last update: 21 February, 2023

The elegance of a chaise lounge sofa is in its comfort. There are hundreds of models, so your research has to be exhaustive to get it right in terms of quality and design. What should you consider before choosing one? Here are some practical tips.

Why choose a chaise lounge sofa?

Chaise lounge sofas are designed for functionality without compromising on aesthetics. This is a versatile piece of furniture that’s available in a variety of sizes that make it easy to find the perfect model for your living room.

Because of its “L” shape, it’s more comfortable than conventional furniture. Because of this same quality, it stands out as a place to rest, as you could lie down and take a nap, or turn it into a bed for guests.

The folding nature offers modules between the seat and the structure, useful for storing objects.

Another advantage is that they allow the feet to rest, which improves good postural hygiene. As detailed in a publication by the Hospital Universitario General de Cataluña, a bad sitting position can lead to discomfort such as back pain.

¿Por qué escoger un sofá «chaise longue»?
Comfort, design, adaptability, and ergonomics are some of the top reasons to choose this type of sofa.

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What should you consider before buying a chaise lounge sofa?

There are a number of aspects of chaise lounge sofas to consider to avoid surprises after the purchase. We’ll tell you more about them:

The size

Ideally, the sofa shouldn’t look too small in the room and the dimensions should not exceed the area intended to accommodate it. Although you may think it looks great at first glance, remember that the store display is not your living room; it’s best to compare measurements to see if it will fit and how you would play with the space.

Take the measurements and ask a sales consultant to help you find a chaise longue that fits those proportions. Examine the dimensions of the seats, armrests, backrests, and overall length.

Similarly, you need to think about the number of people in the house, as it guides you on the capacity of the furniture you need. Generally, chaise loungers come with a minimum of 2 seats and the modular area.

The structure of a chaise lounge sofa

The frame is the support for the chaise longue. So, make sure you select one that is quite sturdy for a long service life. Solid wood is the recommended material. Specifically, pine offers a lightweight design with almost zero chance of warping.


The padding is key to the comfort of a sofa. Ask the seller about the density of the foam that swells the furniture; if it’s less than 25 kilos, then look for another sofa. After all, it’s just the padding that provides a comfortable feeling when sitting and resting your back.

Foam, silicone fiber, and hollowed-out areas are other elements frequently used by manufacturers to benefit the lumbar region. This is in addition to the application of thermo-insulating and wrapping technology.

Did you know that a comfortable sofa helps prevent “couch posture” syndrome? This condition refers to the changes suffered by the head and back as a result of the positions adopted for resting.

The design of a chaise lounge sofa

The main attraction of these designs is the elongated wing, which is not an interchangeable part. Because of this, pay attention to the sector in which you will place the armchair and coordinate that it couples its charming part in the correct orientation of the room. It’s a mistake to bring home a chaise longue with the lounger to a side that has no place in the living room.


The sliding system of some chaise lounge sofas elevates their functionality; try to opt for these, because they do not modify the position of the chairs, even if they’re lengthened. This is thanks to the adjustable bearings.

The legs of a chaise lounge sofa

Made of metal, wood, or galvanized, the legs should withstand the weight of the furniture and its occupants. Likewise, they require a composition that tolerates the friction of the products used to clean the sofa and the floor. In that order of ideas, its height should not be underestimated, since they facilitate the toilet under the furniture.

Additional seating

The common chaise longue enables 2 additional seats to the lounger, but there are those with up to 5 extra seats, perhaps a little more. It is the size of the room that should determine how many additional people can fit.


Stain-resistant upholstery is suitable if you live with children or pets. In the latter scenario, leather textiles aren’t a good idea, as they’re more sensitive to scratches or bites. Look for a fabric that matches the interior design of your home and is easy to maintain.

Mujer limpia sofa
It’s important to choose upholstery that’s durable, easy to clean, and fits in with the style of the room.

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Other aspects to consider when buying a chaise lounge sofa

Apart from the quality, design, and space available, there are other considerations to keep in mind when buying this type of furniture. One of them is the guarantee. This is not a question of acquiring a beautiful piece of furniture, but of low quality, but of acquiring an armchair that responds to the use you plan to give it.

Your budget is the next factor. Even if you want an elegant lounger, analyze if this expense will make a big dent in your finances. Determine how much money you have available to invest in the chaise longue and, based on this, make a purchase that fits your budget.

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