The Best Trees and Shrubs for Privacy in the Garden

Trees and shrubs are an excellent alternative to gaining privacy in outdoor spaces in a natural way. Learn all about the best trees and shrubs to have privacy in your garden or yard and make your space your own.
The Best Trees and Shrubs for Privacy in the Garden

Last update: 18 July, 2022

The privacy of your outdoor spaces is essential to enjoy them to the fullest. After all, inquisitive neighbors could ruin a family reunion or a get-together with friends in a second. To avoid a bad moment, opt for planting some trees and shrubs to have privacy in your yard or garden.

Even if gardening is not your forte, you may like to spend a good part of the day or weekends in your backyard enjoying the fresh air. This is why we’d like to propose a few plant species whose characteristics work as a green wall that easily integrates into the natural environment.


The first of the options is the well-known bamboo plant. It reaches a great height and can bring style and elegance to any garden.

The idea would be to plant several in a row in front of the wall or fence you want to cover. As a hardy evergreen, bamboo has a reputation for getting out of control and invading its area.

Although this is not entirely true, the variety best suited to patios is fargesia. In any case, the key is to plant it in a flower bed or pots so that it doesn’t spread all over the ground.

Imagen de bambú.
Bamboo also has a philosophical component that associates it with resilience due to its ability to bend without breaking.

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Aladierno shrub

This species is not as leafy as bamboo, but it does grow to about 8 meters tall, so if you have to cover high spaces, it is an excellent alternative. It is very resistant, and you will have green all year round with this plant!


Although it may not be among the first options to give privacy to a space, cacti look great when planted in a row. The main advantage of cacti is that they’re very easy to maintain, and some species even produce beautiful flowers.


This is a highly ornamental shrub that stays green all year round, which adds many points in favor of this small plant. It’s usually placed in tall pots and in small spaces.

A row of 4 or 5 pots with this shrub will look great in any outdoor space, whether it be in a garden or even on a terrace.


Hedges are a classic in gardens that never go out of style. They require very little maintenance, stay green all year round, and are resistant to any weather conditions.

It’s recommended to plant them in large areas. Otherwise, they can make the garden look small and overcrowded. One of the varieties of hedges that are being used a lot is the cherry laurel, since it is very leafy and the characteristics of its leaves make them look bright green.

Another type of hedge is the escallonia. Its medium size and deep green evergreen leaves make it one of the best trees and shrubs for privacy in the garden. In addition, it has flowers that vary between pinks, whites, and reds, making it very decorative.


These trees are ideal for gardens that are surrounded by buildings. Because they’re so bushy, they have great hiding power. They don’t require much maintenance, and their height obscures visibility from outside the grounds.

Ornamental Horsetail

This is a very attractive and ornamental plant that covers spaces quite well. It can be grown in decorative or rustic pots to form a green hedge. It’s a plant that gives an excellent result when it comes to privacy.

Climbers and vines

These types of plants are a favorite for those who have outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces that adjoin neighbors’ land. A climber is a great solution if you have a fence that separates the two patios. In addition to privacy, you’ll be gaining lots of greenery, shade, and ventilation.

Ivy is one of the most commonly used plants in this style to gain privacy. If you want it to climb over a wall, you just have to put a wire mesh for the branches to cling to.

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Chinese rose

This species is highly sought after because, besides bringing a lot of green to your garden and creating private spaces, its late summer flower will give an incredible color to your garden. With a Chinese rose, you will find everything all in one: green, flowers, and dense foliage.


The cedar is a tree whose leaves are extremely elegant and rare, as they form small cones from which the leaves emerge that are like bunches of pins. Planting cedars in a line will form a very attractive natural hedge.

Plantas para tener privacidad en el jardín.

Look for plants that are tall enough so that privacy in your garden is assured.


This shrub is an ornamental shrub and is used to cover spaces that don’t require very tall plants. Hydrangea flowers are very dense and abundant, so they will give both an exquisite color and visual effect.

A natural form of privacy with trees and shrubs for privacy in the garden

We hope this modest list of species you can plant in your garden or terrace will help you divert the eyes of curious neighbors who want to see what happens in your outdoor spaces.

Before choosing any of these or any other plant, make sure to learn about their characteristics and needs to determine if they can thrive in your yard.

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