Grow a Lemon Tree from the Seed at Home

Lemon trees bloom all year long outdoors, especially in areas where the climate is sunny and warm.
Grow a Lemon Tree from the Seed at Home

Last update: 30 May, 2022

Not many people know that it’s possible to grow a lemon tree indoors, just like any other plant, and enjoy their precious fruits that are so good for our health.

If you have the opportunity to take a cutting of a lemon tree, the work of cultivating is easier and you might even get fruit in less time. However, cuttings are very difficult to start and require a lot of care to get good results.

On the other hand, if you grow a lemon tree from the seed, it can take between three and six years to produce fruit. However, it’s a very gratifying experience.

Citrus fruits, like lemons, offer multiple health benefits with the added advantage of being able to grow them right in your own home. The fruits will be fresher, of better quality, and free from all types of chemicals.

Would you like to learn how to grow your own lemon tree at home from the seed? Then keep reading our guide to find out how!

What you need to grow a lemon tree

A lemon

Lemon hanging from a tree

It’s really important to start with an organic lemon because the seeds of non-organic lemons can be sterile.

Any type of organic lemon seed will work, but if space or climate is an issue, we recommend starting with a specific variety of lemon called Meyer. This type of lemon is smaller and used as an ornament, making it great for sowing in pots indoors.

Potting soil

Any type of potting soil will do, but we recommend using a mix of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and organic fertilizer.

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Lemon tree in a plant pot

For germination, a container with drainage holes will be enough, about 5 or 6 inches deep (12-15 cm) and a few inches in diameter. Keep in mind that you will have to replant your tree after it’s germinated and that lemon trees prefer a container that is wider than it is deep.

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Lemon trees require a lot of sunlight, especially when they are sprouting. They’re best placed near a sunny window or in the garden in order to receive the proper amount of daylight. If you don’t live in a climate that gets enough light, you can use a plant grow light.

How to germinate a lemon seed

  • First, wet the potting soil. Place some soil into a pail or bucket and add water until the soil is thoroughly wet.
  • Cut the lemon open and choose the seed that you think is the most full of life. Then put the seed in your mouth and suck on it until the flavor of lemon disappears. Note that the seed must stay moist in order to germinate, so try to keep it in your mouth until it’s time to plant.
  • Plant the seed about a ½ inch (1-2 cm) into the soil and cover. Water gently with a spray bottle.
  • Cover the container with plastic wrap to keep the seeds warm and moist. You can use plastic film or a clear plastic bag with a few holes.
  • Remember to place the container in a warm, sunny area. You should check on it often; do not allow the soil to completely dry out. Please note that excessive heat or humidity can cause the seed to rot.
  • After two or three weeks, you should be able to see the lemon tree sprouting from the soil. Remove the plastic wrap and put the little plant in an area with direct sunlight.
  • Remember to care for your plant every day and give it plenty of water, sunshine and organic fertilizer.

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