The Benefits to Spending a Full Day in the Countryside

Spending a day in the countryside allows you to relax and connect with nature. If this is not something you typically do, start going to the countryside more and you will notice the benefits immediately!
The Benefits to Spending a Full Day in the Countryside

Written by Óscar Dorado

Last update: 11 June, 2022

Spending a day in the countryside provides many benefits. After all, it helps you leave the crowded and stressful city behind for a quieter place perfect for relaxing.  You can disconnect from technology and have time to really focus on you.

Whether you go alone or with your family, the scenery and nature of the countryside provides a calming environment that is refreshing after spending weeks endlessly and tirelessly working. This magnificent environment will also allow you to reflect and have deeper conversations with yourself or with others.

Similarly, several studies have shown that interacting with nature is very beneficial. While various benefits have been mentioned in these studies, those for physical health, cognitive performance, and physiological well-being have received more attention than social or spiritual benefits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of them.

The Benefits of Spending a Full Day in the Countryside

Connecting with nature

1. You can connect with nature.

Nature has the power to revitalize the mind. In fact, it gives us the opportunity to prevent negativity and it reinforces positivity, which is beneficial to our mental health.

Spending a full day in nature also gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature.

2. It reduces stress.

Spending a full day disconnected from the stresses of your daily life positively influences your well-being. Spending a full day in nature away from daily distractions reduces your stress and promotes a healthier, more relaxed state. After all, nature has a calming effect.

Believe it or not, enjoying a beautiful and natural environment has also been proven to improve cognitive performance. A report published by Natural England, the public agency that advises the British government on the environment found that participating in nature-based activities helps people suffering from mental illnesses.

Furthermore, it can reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

3. It exposes you to vitamin D.

One reason that outside activities improve your health is because of the exposure to vitamin D, which is produced by the sun. This vitamin is vital to the overall healthy performance of our bodies.

In fact, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to several problems, including cancer, obesity, mental disorders and other health problems. Thus, spending a day in nature is a great way to get your daily dosage of natural vitamin D while also reaping the other benefits of spending time in nature.

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4. It improves your concentration.


If you ever feel stuck or like you’re lacking creativity in your work or a project, a nature getaway can be the perfect solution!

Spending a day in the countryside not only gives you a mental break, but it also allows you to be in a new and beautiful environment that is distraction-free. This way, you can connect with yourself more and think more clearly. In addition, walking in nature can help improve your concentration.

When you walk in nature, you’re physically leaving behind the hustle and bustle of your normal life, and therefore you’re able to focus on different things and open your mind to new ideas and thoughts.

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5. It’s an opportunity to eat well.

Spending a day in the countryside is also a good opportunity to try homemade food cooked with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Therefore you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to try local restaurants or cook something yourself!

Moreover, many local farms often invite visitors to try their products. This is also an opportunity to support local industries, recognize local farmers, and discover fresh and local products. It’s an experience you surely will not regret!

Finally, remember that spending a full day in the countryside is an opportunity to really focus on yourself. We recommend taking this break in your hectic daily life to meditate and focus on your overall well-being, and if you go with family or friends, this nature getaway is perfect for relaxing and deepening relationships.

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