5 Strategies Every Woman Should Use to Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety

Society sometimes makes us give 200%, but we also have the right to say no and take time for ourselves.
5 Strategies Every Woman Should Use to Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Saying that stress and anxiety impact women differently than men is no cliché or exaggeration.

While we’re all susceptible, women are more sensitive and more reluctant to admit that something is wrong or that life sometimes requires more of us than we can give.

According to the American Psychological Association, women are up to 28% more likely than men to suffer from stress, anxiety, and even depression.

A biological pattern that makes us more sensitive to these events often hides behind that data.

However, psychologists remind us that the woman’s role in today’s world places quite a bit of weight on her shoulders.

We often combine professional work with caring for a family. So, working inside and outside the house, along with the many pressures of society, makes us feel like we’ve reached the end of our rope.

Now, there’s another aspect we can’t neglect.

We should all be aware of the signs. However, today we’d like to give you 5 basic guidelines to manage stress and anxiety better if you are a woman.

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1. Remember: you don’t have to prove anything to anyone

woman experiencing stress and anxiety

Women have high levels of stress many times due to their work responsibilities. Whether we believe it or not, sexism still exists in our society. Many women are forced daily to prove that they can do the same work and take on the same responsibility as their male colleagues.

Likewise, a large percentage of women also juggle caring for their children, figuring out schedules, fulfilling family obligations, keeping up a social life, and doing housework…

It’s not easy, especially because the idea that we should be “able to do everything for everyone” is so prevalent.

Thus it is always a good idea to remember and reflect on the following aspects:

  • There’s no reason to obsessively prove that you’re equally –or more– competent than your male colleagues.
  • The best thing to do is to focus on doing things how you know to do them, as your position requires, and always giving the best of yourself.

Don’t try to compare yourself to anyone, find your own excellence, and you’ll feel much better.

2. Remember your priorities; they may not be the same as everybody else’s

a sad woman looking at a black bird

The world tells us to go fast, be perfect, be successful, meet your goals, be a good mother, be a good daughter, excellent wife, and best friend.

We live in a society that now tells us what we should be and what is expected of us just for being the gender that we are.

  • Freeing yourself from these social chains, the stereotypes, and the biases that put us in boxes will not be easy.
  • On the other hand, it’s clear that many of these ideas are being knocked down little by little. Women are being empowered, moving up in society and filling more public spaces, finding their voices and leaving those antiquated ideas about gender behind.

But all of this is happening on the outside… What are you doing on the inside, in your home, in your specific environment?

  • You must be able to prioritize yourself once in a while if you want to manage stress and anxiety better.
  • Doing what you truly want instead of what others expect from you is the real key to emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Remember, you shouldn’t compare yourself with others because your personal goals may be different than others. However, it doesn’t make yours any less important or insignificant.

3. Spending time with your girlfriends, a great way to fight stress and anxiety

girlfriends spending time together

A friendship between women isn’t just part of socialization. It is therapeutic, healthy, and very good for your emotional health.

Being with your friends on a regular basis is a wonderful way to handle stress, put your problems into perspective, turn off your fears and anxieties, and put a stop to your obsessive or circular thoughts.

Don’t hesitate to say yes to that night out or to a nice cup of coffee with old friends.

4. Saying “I can’t anymore” is not equal to weakness

In a woman’s world, the phrase “I can’t,” “that doesn’t work for me,” or “I would like to focus on me right now” almost seem forbidden.

It’s as if saying it out loud will hurt someone or irreversibly disappoint the world.

But remember, admitting that you can’t handle something or that you can’t take anymore isn’t a sign of weakness. The ability to admit that you can’t or even saying no to someone shows that you’re capable of managing your emotions.

5. Take a deep breath, everything is going to be OK

woman taking a deep breath

When you think you’ve reached your limit, when stress is coming out of your ears and anxiety is making your heart beat out of your chest, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Inhale deeply and watch your belly expand.
  • Hold the air in for 4 seconds.
  • Exhale through your mouth for 6 seconds.
  • Repeat this until you begin to feel relaxed.

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