Straight Jeans: What They Are and How to Combine Them

Straight jeans are a classic variety of wider-legged jeans that are suitable for casual and slightly more formal outfits. We'll tell you about what to wear with them here.
Straight Jeans: What They Are and How to Combine Them

Last update: 25 May, 2023

Straight jeans look great with sports shoes, casual sneakers, boots, or even sandals. This version of jeans is one of the most popular thanks to the diversity of combinations that allows, allowing it to become an essential piece in any wardrobe.

Straight-cut jeans from the hip to the ankles are considered a classic that, with the passage of time, become more and more popular. Breaking the sobriety of their style with other pieces is the true attraction of straight jeans.

So, how can you make the most of outfits with straight jeans? What kind of compliments are best for them? Let’s take a look at how to highlight your outfits with these jeans.

What makes straight jeans stand out from other types of jeans?

Fulfilling the purpose for which the first jeans were designed, straight jeans are considered versatile garments to work, live, and integrate into life, according to Levi’s Strauss & CO ®.

Straight jeans are pants made of denim. They were originally designed for day laborers, but over time, they became a worldwide clothing trend.

These jeans are made of denim fabric. As pointed out in the Fashion Glossary of the Fundación del Español Urgente (FUNDEU), denim consists of a cotton fabric suitable for the manufacture of pieces with great resistance, thanks to its synthetic fibers, perfect for prolonging its useful life.

Straight-leg jeans favor the curves of the body, especially when the cut is medium or high rise, without any kind of embellishments. This latter type is beneficial for tall people because it helps to create an effect of proportion between the legs and torso.

Their slightly loose-fitting and imperceptible ribbing makes this type of jeans very convenient for styling. They can be dressed up with belts or very simple pieces, such as a plain blouse, for example.

Straight jeans para el trabajo.
Designed for work, straight jeans have moved into the realm of fashion.

When should you wear these jeans?

The answer is simple: they’re suitable for any occasion. In winter and autumn, straight jeans are the basis of a great look made up of several layers of clothing on top.

For spring, jeans with rips or subtle appliqués stand out. Meanwhile, in hot weather, wide pants are a hit when paired with cool fabrics.

You can also get them minimally fitted, which makes them suitable for wearing with boots, heels, or sandals. If you want, you can wear sneakers and you will look amazing.

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Ideal combinations for straight jeans

Depending on the event you attend, you create countless combinations. The timelessness of these pants is great to play with pieces like the following.

A crop top outfit

Considering the looseness of jeans, it wouldn’t hurt to wear a crop top and, if you wish, top it off with a blazer. Sleeveless blouses tied at the neck, popularly known as halter tops, are often used in these outfits.

Cardigans and jackets

Cardigans go hand in hand with straight jeans. Go for the nude range or you can try some highlighting color, as well as those with rounded or puffed sleeves.

As for jackets, plaid, floral, or embroidered, they “smile” with straight jeans and contribute to a more refined outfit.


The pieces knitted with jeans are successful for clothing, from coats and sweaters to hair accessories, such as hats, headbands, and berets. These garments highlight the style, especially in colder seasons.

Dark tones

Always have pants in light tones, but a dark pair of jeans should never be missing from your closet. The key is to contrast the colors with the pieces above.

These are usually worn with light-colored pieces, but don’t underestimate a brown or red palette if the denim is black. Try styles with the hue of jackets, blouses, and coats.

Hombre con vaquero recto en el campo.
Any style seems to suit straight jeans. Even accessories go well with the garment.

Any footwear goes

Whether with square or slim heels or in a military-style design, boots are a favorite to wear with straight jeans. They look good for days when it is very cold and it’s not appropriate to walk in sandals or flats.

This is also a great outfit to pair with trench coats.

However, if the weather cooperates, it’s possible to wear open shoes, classic heels, espadrilles, or sports shoes. Freedom is the #1 quality of jeans, so don’t limit yourself!

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How to enhance your outfits with straight jeans

To highlight combinations you create with straight jeans, you also need good accessories, such as chokers or jewelry in contrasting tones. Handbags, scarves, your hairstyle, and makeup give an extra touch to any outfit.

Although the classic color in jeans is blue, you can also dare to go a little further by wearing shades such as gray, white, or pre-washed tones. Also, there’s nothing to lose by giving rips or fraying a chance, as they add personality to an outfit.

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