Fun Alternative Uses for Bracelets

Fun Alternative Uses for Bracelets

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Today you’ll learn 14 simple and fun alternative uses for bracelets. You’re sure to find more than one to try today!

Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories for women. They don’t just give a touch of style, but they also make your whole look that much better.

When you get your look together to go out with friends, to work, or to go on a date, you need some original accessory to make you stand out and give a pop of color, elegance, or fun (depending on what you’re going for).

Maybe you have a whole bunch of bracelets from over the years. Some you still use but others are just taking up space in your jewelry box or drawer. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can fix the situation and look fabulous.

When it comes to accessories, one secret is to not wear all of them at once. Remember that less is more. Of course, you have the last word though!

Alternative uses for bracelets

Alternative uses for bracelets.

Using something in a new way changes the whole way you look at it. So the first thing to do if you want to reuse your forgotten jewelry, like your bracelets, is to reinvent them. You can come up with entirely new styles and give your clothing new life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a necklace as a bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist multiple times. If it’s a simple necklace, you could add some charms to give it life.
  • Use a woven necklace and two hair clips to make a headband. It will make whatever hair style you decide on look even better.
  • If you have a single-color necklace that you want to make a little more exciting, you could use a bracelet to join the two ends, making it longer and more special.

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Earrings, charms, and rings

A stylish woman with jewelry and a hat.

A lot of women have all of these pieces of jewelry, but did you know that they could be used for more than their normal use? Here a few great ideas for a change of pace:

  • Two pairs of earrings could give your bracelet a new look. Use them like charms!
  • Perhaps you have some costume jewelry that you’re so attached to and you can’t get rid of. Well, the crystals or diamonds are perfect to add to a solid-color bracelet (or a wooden cuff). Just use a drop of glue, and viola! A gem-studded cuff.
  • Do the same thing with a charm or pieces from old earrings.

Tiaras and hair accessories

A girl with a lot of jewelry on.

If you want to highlight your hair, you can do it with shiny, colorful accessories like chains, tiaras, pins, scarves, and turbans. An especially comfortable example is a woven or fabric headband. 

  • Take a piece of flannel and cut out a 10 cm by 30 cm rectangle.
  • Fold it in half to create a 5 cm by 30 cm rectangle.
  • Sew the edges inside out and then turn it right side out.
  • Wear it around your forehead and tie in the back.

If you’re more skilled with a needle and thread, then you can make a headband with yarn. You’ll need knitting needles, yarn, and a design.

For a nighttime, more elegant occasion, take two hair clips and string a pretty chain between them, in a headband or tiara style. It also works to decorate a bun or braid.

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How to make necklaces and bracelets

Making jewelry.

Making your own jewelry doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is identify what style you want and select materials to use. Bracelets and necklaces are basic to many kinds of outfits. They add color and movement, and there are so many options to choose from. From long necklaces to chokers, chains to woven or jeweled.

Here are some of the materials you may need to start making your own jewelry:

  • Nylon string in multiple colors. You can use them individually or mixed together and make your own original designs for necklaces or bracelets, as long as you like.
  • Charms, beads, gems, buttons, etc. They’re easy to find and easy to use as decorations on your creations. The sky’s the limit!
  • Chains and metal elements. They go great together. In addition you can add them to clothing items, like shirts, jeans, and belts.

You might have noticed by now that it doesn’t have to cost much to look good. With a bit of innovation and creativity, you can make unique accessories by yourself. Get excited and discover your potential!

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