5 Tips to Wear High Heels for Longer

Did you know that a little talcum powder added to the soles of both feet can help you avoid some of the pain caused by wearing high heels?
5 Tips to Wear High Heels for Longer

Last update: 27 May, 2022

High heels are without a doubt stylish and an ideal choice for formal dress. Over time, however, it gets harder and harder to wear them. Don’t worry: today we’ll tell you how you can wear high heels for longer.

High heels make your legs look longer, more shapely, and help you look taller. This combination can be a real boost in your confidence and make you look more elegant for an evening out.

However, many people have pointed out the negative aspects of this shoe style. Among other things, they can cause problems with posture if they’re worn too often or for too long.

We’ll address the second issue today. To prevent that discomfort that can cause you to walk poorly and hurt your body, we’ll share some tricks to let you wear high heels for hours.

5 Tricks to Wear High Heels Longer

These simple suggestions will keep your heels from becoming an inconvenience on long working days or at special events:

1-Store them in the freezer

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This is a two part secret: choose whatever best suits your time. The quickest option is to place your heels in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer.

If you have some extra time, however, place two bags of water inside the shoes and leave them in the freezer until the water turns to ice.

This causes the shoes to expand a little and make them more comfortable when you wear them. They’ll also be softer and less abrasive on your feet.

2-Add pads to the heels

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Some people swear these were sent from heaven! You can place these pads on the heels and toes of your shoes, and they can really help alleviate foot pain.

It’s always handy to keep a pair in your purse, in case you need them.

3-Tape two toes together

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Legend has it that if you tape the third and fourth toes of each foot together, you can wear your high heels all day long without any consequences.

The supposed explanation is that by taping them together, it reduces the pressure put on this part of your foot.

Regardless of the truth behind it, it won’t hurt to try it out to see if it works for you.

4-Talcum powder

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Applying some talcum powder to your feet and inside the shoes can be very helpful. This will help prevent foot sweat and humidity, which lead to uncomfortable shoes. The most common outcome of this combination is a blister.

Don’t forget the importance of having healthy feet, either. Using a regular moisturizer will make the skin stronger, and remember that blisters and calluses more easily form on dry skin.

5-Sand down the sole

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When shoes are new, you often have to exercise a lot of caution when walking. This is because the soles of new shoes are very slippery and can cause you to fall and be injured.

How do you prevent this? There are several options: one is to use a little sandpaper against the sole to make it rougher. Another alternative is to score the sole using a knife or scissors.

Finally, you can pour a little sugary soda on the sole, or add some water with lemon and sugar. This mixture will cause the surface to be tacky and help you avoid any slips and falls.

Thanks to these tricks, you can wear high heels for longer without ruining your day or night. Forget about walking home from the holiday party with your shoes in your bag: try each option until you find the one that works best for you.

Say goodbye to those uncomfortable shoes!

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