The Best Way to Store Aloe Vera Gel

When you extract the gel from an aloe plant at home one of the biggest challenges is storing the extra gel effectively. Did you know that there are ways to store it while maintaining its healing properties?

The aloe vera plant has become very popular in recent decades since it’s many applications to alternative medicine and beauty have been discovered.

The gel contained within its leaves has essential nutrients that can benefit you both internally and externally.

In fact, many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are using aloe vera extract as an active ingredient in their products. But most people still choose to use it in its natural form because that’s the best way to enjoy the most of its benefits.

The biggest drawback to this is that you don’t always use all the gel you obtain, wasting large quantities.

Fortunately there are some clever ways to store aloe vera gel and make it last longer.

Today we want to share some of these methods with you so you can put them into practice the next time you need to use this plant. Get ready!

Honey preservation method

2 aloe vera

Thanks to its high content of natural sugars, honey is a product that never expires. The low concentration of water is another key to its long shelf life, just like fruit preserves or fruit stored in syrup.

In this case you can use honey without a problem, because it’s compatible with the makeup of aloe and its properties.

What should you do?

  • After you extract the gel from the aloe vera leaf, wash it to remove the yellow liquid that sometimes is also removed.
  • Mix the gel with an equal amount of honey.
  • Use this for making smoothies, teas, and facial masks, and more.

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Store aloe vera gel in the freezer

3 aloe cubes

Freezing aloe vera gel is another interesting way to keep it for longer.

You retain most of the active benefits of the gel and it’s also a great natural first-aid tool.

What should you do?

  • First you need to choose the leaf size that you prefer.
  • Then, using a sharp knife, slice open the outer skin and avoid touching the spines.
  • Remove the gelatinous pulp from inside the leaf with a spoon and add it to an ice cube tray.
  • You can use your fingers to mold it into the shape of your ice cube container.
  • Store the tray in the freezer and remove a cube whenever you need some aloe.

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  • To store aloe vera gel for longer and enhance its effects, add the juice from half a lime to your ice tray, using a few drops of lime juice for each cube.
  • You can also add a vitamin E capsule to the pulp, especially if you’re going to use it for treating your skin, nails, or hair.

Store aloe vera gel with vitamin C

4 aloe vera

When you add vitamin C to the aloe vera gel you can store it for up to a month in the fridge.

The best thing is that this method helps enhance its natural antioxidant and regenerative effects.

What should you do?

  • Cut the leaf of aloe vera along both sides: at the tip and along the spines.
  • Soak it in water for 24 hours, changing the water twice.
  • This process helps remove the yellow resin, known as aloin, which can be toxic and irritating to the skin.
  • Extract the gel with a spoon.
  • Add the gel to a blender with a vitamin C tablet and a teaspoon of wheat germ oil.
  • Blend everything for a few seconds and pour the juice into a glass jar.
  • At first you’ll notice a foamy layer on top of the liquid, but it will disappear after a few days.
  • Put the lid on the jar and store it in the fridge.
  • Use a small amount to prepare whatever remedy you chose.

As you can see, these three simple procedures make it easy to store aloe vera gel that you might not need in the moment.

Start saving your aloe today and stop wasting the wonderful benefits of this plant.

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