10 Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

From coat racks and shelves to standing mirrors, find out how to make the most of space in a small room in this article.
10 Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

Last update: 20 August, 2023

Today’s properties have cozy spaces despite their size. A living room, kitchen, and bathroom can all be found in these small spaces. Therefore, more and more people are looking for storage solutions for small rooms.

There are many different measures you can take, from functional furniture (such as some beds that have storage space) to minimalist living. In this article, we’ll take a look at some storage ideas for small bedrooms.

It’s all about making the most of every inch of the room without overloading the view. We must not forget that bedrooms are our resting place. Although it may be difficult to store and have a place for each personal effect, this is necessary if we want to have a good night’s sleep.

1. Use a coat rack for clothes that don’t fit in your closet

Faced with the lack of storage in the closet, a coat rack is ideal. It’s a practical solution that will help you keep clothes that tend to wrinkle easily in shape and could even be used to organize what you will wear during the week.

A well-organized rack can be part of the decoration. You just have to use your imagination and play with some accessories and complements.

Keep in mind that you can find coat racks in different sizes, styles, and colors on the market. Some of them come with a top or bottom shelf, which is very useful for shoes or boxes.

2. A custom-made wall shelf

This is one of the storage solutions for small rooms that will allow you to take advantage of empty walls. It’s essential when the bedroom does not have many square meters. However, the important thing is not to overload it; perhaps decorate it simply with some books with a small plant on the edge of the shelf.

If you don’t have books, other personal effects can be useful, such as jewelry chests or picture frames. These shelves look great on the headboard of the beds; just make sure it’s well fixed to avoid accidents. A mirror in the background will help create a sense of spaciousness.

Repisa para la habitación pequeña.
Shelves can be very decorative, but remember that we want to save space, so make sure they’re functional.

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3. A closet in plain sight without any doors

It’s not as terrible as it sounds: you just need to make sure you keep it tidy. Yes, this is a little bit of work, but it‘s easy to do if you help yourself with some boxes or baskets that match the place. Now, if you’re worried about your clothes getting dusty, you can use some curtains.

The rest are just advantages. These closets take up less space than conventional ones, and you have a better view of all your clothes, which will make it easier for you to create outfits. And just like their namesakes, open closets have easy-to-access shelves to stack shirts and pants.

4. A metal coat rack in a corner of the wall

If your room is too narrow and you can’t have a closet, a metal coat rack just above a dresser or perhaps under a shelf is recommended. It’s not about disturbing the view or overloading the room. Therefore, try to arrange by color ranges as a sort of gradient; this will help you to create a sense of order.

If your room allows it, you can even place the metal rack despite having a closet. This is advisable if you have delicate garments that wrinkle easily. It will also serve to bring industrial design air to the room.

5. Take advantage of the foot of your bed

A bench, a trunk, or an armchair are chic options when placed at the foot of the bed. In addition, they can be used to store objects inside or in the space below if you opt for an armchair. At the same time, this type of item can be used as a small mattress extension.

Some people put a beautiful bedspread on top of it, as a way of decoration. Undoubtedly, it will give you that extra storage space we’re looking for in small rooms.

6. Add a decorative ladder

Decorative ladders have become very popular. These elements bring a lot of personality to a bedroom.

Depending on the model, they can be used to place beauty accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, scarves, books, clothes, boxes, and other things. In reality, any object can be on display on a ladder!

7. Take advantage of the place behind the door

This trick is a real classic. You can place an endless number of things behind the closet door or bedroom door, from a shoe rack to a standing mirror. Just keep in mind that the dimensions may prevent you from storing certain objects.

However, don’t waste the area. You can place some organizers you haven’t found a space for yet.

8. A cozy night stand

This is one of the most popular storage solutions for small rooms. A table of modest dimensions won’t take up much space.

It can also be replaced by a chair or a wooden bench. These serve to place objects, and if you have a visitor, he or she will be able to sit there.

9. Opt for a versatile standing mirror

There are many great mirror options out there. For example, there are standing mirrors with a sort of box on the back that is the same length as the mirror, but that’s modestly thick.

Inside, they have a variety of compartments that can be used to store jewelry, hair ties, and other similar accessories. There are other models that have multi-functional foot or rear shelves, which you can use to hang hats, handbags, or any other object.

This type of mirror has several advantages. You’ll step out into the perfect street, and it will help create a sense of spaciousness in your bedroom.

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10. Consider creating a niche

Are the walls in your room very thick? If so, they have the potential to create a niche and make way for a cozy yet useful shelf. Wooden shelves are recommended in these cases. Try to provide a good finish to ensure a beautiful style.

The bed is part of the storage solutions for small rooms

If you have a small room, it’s recommended that, in addition to choosing a bed with a comfortable mattress to sleep on, you also look for models that allow you to store things inside or below them. There are some examples on the market that have storage in the headboard or drawers at the bottom. This is also the perfect place to put your bed linen – just an idea!

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